Monthly Archives: January 2011

E.M.M.A. – Easy Membership Management Application

I’ve been interested in membership sites for long time – they are really a great business model allowing you to sell your content to premium members instead of releasing it to public and hoping to earn from ads. Of course you need high quality content to build a good membership site.

And after you have created the content, a new pain appears – how to make it so only paid members can access it and even to give different access to different content to different members…

There are some (actually plenty of) membership softwares, but most I have seen are very hard to set up, bloated with features and too expensive. Perhaps the most popular of them is aMember. $180 for membership site that looks so 2002? No, thanks.

I’ve built a simpler, cheaper and modern membership site software called E.M.M.A. and am offering it to you for just $39. Free support, unlimited domains license, instant delivery, money back guarantee. You already know my stuff, no need to explain further.

Yes, it doesn’t have all the features of aMember – in fact it lack mostly those that you will not need anyway.