Monthly Archives: February 2011

Free Ajax Poll (PHP, MySQL)

Polls are very simple things and yet so many people don’t get them right. I looked into many scripts and didn’t like most.
Watu Ajax Poll is an effort to make one that is really simple and just works. We are giving it 100% free without any obligations.

For the moment it’s self-hosted, i.e. you need to download it and install it on your site. If I get some good feedback, we may offer free hosted version so people will be able to just sign up, get their code and embed it in any site.

Feel free to fork us any mods! The source code is open and while not on Github yet, it’s available to poke.

How Well Is Your Site Optimized For Traffic (Quiz)

Here is a little quiz which will help you to find out how well is your site optimized for receiving traffic (and generating revenue). I don’t claim the quiz includes everything you could do to optimize your site, but there are for sure some very good ideas that will come to your mind after taking it. At the end you will see the number of points you received (from maximum of 60) and the best answer to every question.

If you want to create such exams on your website, engage visitors and attract links, check out our quiz and exam software. This quiz has been created with it and all calculations are done through it. The software allows also collecting taker’s contact data, creating unlimited exams, splitting users in groups and more.

I have not chosen to require email for this quiz, so if you want, please share your results in the comments!