Monthly Archives: September 2011

Weight Loss Calculator for WordPress: Now Available as Widget

The WordPress version of the weight planning calculator is now updated to version 1.2. Here’s the most important in this update:

1. The plugin is now available as widget along with the old in-content embed method. The CSS options reflect both modes and are accessible both from the calculator settings page and from the Widget options page.

2. Some small but important layout changes will allow the calculator to fit in different widths and sidebars

3. Tested with the latest WordPress version.

More details and download link here.

E.M.M.A. 1.2 Released

Here’s the latest in our membership management software:

1. New and easier installation procedure

2. Email reminders for expiring subscriptions

3. Optional quick mode which allows you to redirect the user to payment page for the selected plan right after registration. This can help you increase your conversion rate.

4. Create “visible for everyone” content to pre-sell your members and/or to attract search engine traffic.

As usual upgrades are free for customers who purchased E.M.M.A. up to one year ago. For older purchases upgrading costs 50% of the current price.