Monthly Archives: March 2012

Autoresponder updates: Basic 2.9 and PRO 1.1

Here are the latest BroadFast Autoresponder updates:

Basic Autoresponder, version 2.9:

  • Improved “read” tracking. I added bgsound tag for better tracking of who read your emails (this works only when switched on by yourself). These stats can never be 100% reliable because some email services don’t show the tag, but now the correct percentage should be higher.
  • External signup script that you can place anywhere and hide the registration. More info in this pictorial.

PRO Autoresponder, version 1.1:

In addition to the same new features as in Basic, we have added segmentation. It allows you to target segments of any of your mailing list, thus improve results and at the same time sending lower number of emails. This pictorial will  explain  the filters and segmentation in greater details.

Upgrade terms for existing customers are as usual – free upgrades if you have bought less than 1 year ago, and 50% discount otherwise.

WatuPRO WordPress Plugin To Create Exams

A lot of people expressed interest to have our web based exam software as a wordpress plugin. So, here we go, the premium WordPress plugin for creating and managing exams is online – WatuPRO WordPress Plugin.

While the WordPress plugin is similar in functionality to the standalone PHP based Watu Exam/Watu Plus, it also have some extra features and cleaner user interface. The best thing in it is that you can install it and manage it entirely from your WordPress admin panel.

Have a look at WatuPRO.