Monthly Archives: December 2012

ReCaptcha, Previous Button and More in WatuPRO 2.8

There has been important update to our WordPress tests plugin WatuPRO:

In addition to the usual small or not so small bug fixes, there are several nice new features:

1. Previous (back) button to go back and fix already answered or skipped question. So many people asked for this, so here it is. Of course the button is accessible only until the exam is submitted.

2. Detailed export of taker’s data. You can now get points, grade, etc along with the answer given to every question in the exported CSV file. The old short format remains available.

3. Optional reCaptcha to prevent spam bots from submitting your exams. This of course makes more sense on “open” exams that require no user login.

4. Option to redirect to URL instead of showing a grade. I was surprised that many people asked for this, so here is it now available. Enabling it is very simple – just enter valid URL instead of grade title.

5. Grades can be calculated as % correct answers (Intelligence module  feature). Some customers wanted to calculate grade based on % of correct answers instead of defined points. This will be especially useful for exams that often get questions added or edited. Available in the Intelligence module.

As our first order of WatuPRO is from 2012, everyone gets this upgrade for free again. I’ll be sending email newsletter but if you don’t get your upgrade just contact me at as usual.

Arigato PRO (aka BroadFast) For WordPress

The first public PRO version of BroadFast for WordPress is now available at

It replicates many of the features of the standalone autoresponder but as usual with our WordPress plugins it has its own specifics.

If you are most used to WordPress it will be much easier to install and use the plugin – widgets, template tags, and shortcodes are available for displaying the signup forms. Everything can be designed to fit your theme, if required.

The price for the moment is $47, just like the basic version of the standalone BroadFast Autoresponder.