Monthly Archives: January 2013

PHP Auto Responder, Basic and PRO Update

We’ve just shipped a new version of our PHP Autoresponder. Now the Basic is version 3.0 and PRO is version 1.3.

What’s new:

  • Mass delete users
  • Read mails are now tracked for autoresponder campaigns as well. This means you can see who actually has read each of the mails in your campaign.
  • CKEDITOR is updated to the latest version
  • PRO only: you can now add clickable link to display email in a browser (like “If this email does not properly display click here to read it online”). This is configurable for every single message
  • Of course various bug fixes and internal improvements

Upgrade terms: existing users who bough less than 1 year ago get it for free. If one year has expired you can buy the upgrade for 40% of the regular price and this starts another 1 year of free support and upgrades.

BroadFast For WordPress 1.8

There’s a new version of the WordPress autoresponder plugin Broadfast. The upgrade is free for all old customers and will be sent by email.

Here are the changes:

  • Attachments. Although you could upload files from the WordPress media uploader and incldue them in the mail contents, most customers preferred to have an option to send mails with “regular” attachments. So we heard you, and here you are – 1.8 has option to attach files to any message.
  • Shortcodes from other plugins are now parsed in email content. Of course you should only use sane ones – javascripts for example rarely work in email.
  • Uninstall feature with configuration whether to delete the data or not.
  • And of course some bug fixes.

The price for new customers remains $47 one time and includes a full year of free support and upgrades.

WatuPRO 3.1 and the new Reporting Module

This update comes very soon after the previous. It wasn’t planned but as we finished the new Reporting module I had to add an interface to upload modules. But of course, that’s not good enough for a new version, so here are all the new things:

  1. Modules compatibility and upload interface. Now additional modules can be added to the plugin at any time.
  2. Shortcodes to display “My exams” and “My certificates” outside of the wp-admin area.
  3. Help page added (to be expanded)
  4. Set minimum time limit between different attempt for a given exam – Intelligence module only.

The new version is free for users who purchased after January 15th 2012. Anyone else can upgrade for 40% of the regular price which currently means only $18.80.

The new Reporting module will be useful for all kind of education and training sites whose webmasters want their users to have more impressive and catching way of tracking their progress. The module can be purchased separately for $27. You need WatuPRO 3.0 or  newer to use it.