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WatuPRO: How To Assign Different Exams to Different Users Upon Registration

The easiest way to handle this is the following:

1. In your WatuPRO -> User Groups page select “Use the WordPress User Roles instead of creating user groups (recommended for better integration with other plugins).”

2. In your WatuPRO -> Exam Categories page create different exam categories and select different roles to have access to them

3. Install a plugin like WP Roles on Registration to allow users select their role.


WatuPRO 3.9 and Affiliate Program

Watu Pro has been updated to version 3.9. Full changelog:

New and improved features:

  1. Advanced configutration for power users (Intelligence module): a new “Advanced” link into the Edit Exam form takes you to additional form which lets you fine-tune the quiz further: tune correct/incorrect checkmarks at the final screen, randomize different number of questions in different categories, control the paginator colors and so on.
  2. Optional shareable URL of the quiz results (the “FInal screen”) so users can share their results on Facebook and other social networks. (More info)
  3. Survey questions – these are not counted in results and reports and not marked as correct or incorrect.
  4. Elaborated answer explanation / feedback – you can now show different content if the user answered correctly or not, or even show different feedback based on every single answer they have selected.
  5. Optional “Save” button for logged in users (except on “one page per question” quizzes where saving is automatically enabled).
  6. Set friendlier email sender name for automated emails without installing more plugins.
  7. Filter exam results by user group.
  8. Added new filters for easier customization (check the API)

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed paginator issues
  2. Fixed timer and paginator overlap on some screens
  3. Improved animated scrolling on next/prev button so it happens only when necessary
  4. Fixed issue with sortable questions on mobile devices (Intelligence module)
  5. fixed problem with apostrophes on “Fill the gaps” questions (Intelligence module)
  6. Fixed problem with missing answers when a question is edited and at the same time there is an user returning to finish a quiz
  7. Fixed bug with category grade description
  8. Fixed bug with sortable questions when the quiz reuses them from other quiz
  9. Fixed problem with login URLs on some installations

As usual the upgrade will be sent by a newsletter to eligible customers. If your order is older than 1 year you can renew your 1 year cycle of free support and upgrades for only 40% of the current product price.

Affiliate Program

We have revived our affiliate program through Clickbank. You can earn 30% of all Watu PRO sales that you refer, and 30% – 35% on sales of our other products. To get your affiliate link please check this page.

Shareable Final Screen URL in WatuPRO

From version 3.8.8 WatuPRO supports a shareable URL of the “Final screen”. This is the screen that is shown to the user when they complete the quiz – the actual quiz results.

From version 3.8.8 you can optionally enable public URL that the user can share with friends and on social networks.

How To Do It

Just above the “Final screen” text box there is a checkbox saying “Enable individual shareable URL of the final screen”. If you check it, the URL will be enable but nothing will change to the end user by default. You need either to use the variable shown under the checkbox to display the link on their final screen, or automatically redirect to it.

Why Redirect To The URL?

Redirecting to the final screen URL can be very useful for several reasons:

  • Tech-savvy users can copy it and place it on their blog or social networks themselves
  • All social-sharing plugins that you have installed should automatically work and share this individual URL. This way just any user can share their quiz results and bring more traffic to your site.
  • By default WatuPro loads the quiz results by AJAX. This is very fancy and on long quizzes you see that nice animation effect. However it has a downside – some complex scrips will not work inside AJAX-called blocks. So some users were unable to use some contact form plugins or other sharing plugins on the quiz results page. Now with the automatic redirection this problem no more exists.

Remember, the setting is entirely optional. If you don’t want the quiz results of any user to be public, just don’t enable the shareable URL.

Also pay attention what shortcodes you are using in the final screen / quiz results page. If you are using shortcodes to greet the logged in user by name (let’s call him Joe), the page may look odd to a non-logged in guest when looking at Joe’s results.