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“Something Doesn’t Work in Namaste! LMS”

TL;DR; If you have a problem that needs attention, then we must see it at the actual location – please provide me URL, login, and the steps required to see it. Screenshots or explanations are not sufficient without the actual URL.

Thanks for your understanding. If you want to know the long story, it’s below.

We are getting false bug reports about the free Namaste! LMS every day. When we go to check the case it usually happens that the user has forgotten a requirement or setting they have made (for example selecting that admin should approve lesson completeness and then expecting it to happen automatically).

We have lost hours and hours to check such issues and we refuse to do this anymore. Every functionality in Namaste! LMS is tested to death and to the best of my knowledge it works fine. So I will not spend time to guess and repeat guessed actions on my installation just to figure out that the plugin works fine. This is not to say there are no bugs. Probably there are but most of the bug reports we receive are false, and this seriously wastes our time. This is time that would otherwise go to develop and improve the plugin further.

If you are sure you have found a bug in Namaste you must provide the following or your email will be ignored:

  • URL of your site where we can see the problem. If the problem is visible only from the back-end you’ll need to create user that has role enabled in “WordPress roles that can administrate the LMS” in the Namaste settings page and send me the user login details. I have to see the problem in the same way that you are seeing it.
  • Step by step instructions which page to check and what to do to reproduce the problem you have found.

Maybe the reason for so many false bug reports is that Namaste is not user friendly enough. We are doing our best and will try to improve it but for now it is how it is. So bear with us and please understand we can’t provide priority support for a free plugin. If you have bought other plugins or modules, you are eligible to get premium support for them, not for Namaste! LMS. If you provide us the details required we will try to solve your issue anyway. But don’t make me guess please.

WatuPRO 4.2: User Info Shortcodes, Woocommerce Bridge, Compact Format, and more

The next major release is up, here are the changes and improvements from version 4.1 to version 4.2:

  1. Rounding the points to the closest decimal is now possible on questions. This comes to solve problems when you have for example 3 correct answers on a question and want the total to make 1 point.
  2. Option to restrict number of quiz submissions by IP address. This works both for logged in and not logged in users and will take effect before the user-based restriction.
  3. “Compact format” option is available on most question types. Answers will be aligned horizontally, right from the question, instead of vertically under it.
  4. The free PDF-Bridge plugin can be used to generate PDF certificates instead of DocRaptor. It still has some limitations.
  5. You can now use rich text editor to easily add images and media to the answers of each question.
  6. “Reuse questions from” now allows you to select multiple quizzes at the same time (Intelligence module
  7. You can request a non-logged in user to enter name and email before the quiz starts (or before it’s submitted). Learn how.
  8. User profile shortcodes. More information here.
  9. Different email content to user and admin can be specified by using the {{{split}}} tag.
  10. Calculate grade by % correct answers is moved to the basic WatuPRO version
  11. A free Woocommerce bridge is available which lets you sell access to paid quizzes through Woocommerce (WatuPRO Intelligence module required)
  12. Advanced settings option to reveal the correct answers on wrongly answered “Fill the gaps” fields (Intelligence module)
  13. Advanced settings option to specify the exact order of categories when questions are grouped by category (Intelligence module)
  14. Advanced setting option: require confirmation when the submit button is pressed (to avoid accident submitting of the quiz) (Intelligence module)
  15. Exams that require payment can be purchased with points earned from other exams. This is of course an option that you can enable. You can specify how many points make 1 unit of your currency. (Intelligence module and Play plugin required)
  16. Improved the proficiency calculation by category on Skills/Categories page (Reporting module)
  17. A new pie chart showing the results distribution by grade (Reporting module)
  18. The History tab of the reporting module now shows also the quiz that was taken
  19. Bug fix: “Schedule from/to” finally considers your timezone settings
  20. Fixed bug with incorrectly calculating “max-points” on “Fill the gaps” questions

Eligible customers have received their upgrade. If your upgrades/support package has expired you can renew, upgrade, or downgrade with 60% discount using the promo code sent to your email.

WatuPRO Bridge for Woocommerce

This is a free plugin that allows you to sell access to premium quizzes through Woocommerce. You need also WatuPRO and the Intelligence module.

Download the free bridge here (1.2)

See also our bridge for EDD.

Once downloaded, install and activate it. Then here is how to use it:

  1. Create some paid quiz(zes)
  2. Add them as WooCommerce products (details below)
  3. Set up redirect after payment, if you wish
  4. Control the behavior of the quiz page if visited directly before payment (details below)

First, you need to create paid quizzes in WatuPRO (with the Intelligence module) just like you would do normally. Then just add the quizzes as products in Woocommerce.

How To Add your quizzes as products in Woocommerce

Name them any way you want, give any price you want. Make them downloadable products so Woocommerce will automatically mark orders completed on payment (this is fairly important!). The price given in Woocommerce does NOT need to match the price given in WatuPRO. The only important thing is to create a custom attribute with name “watupro” and value containing the ID of the quiz you want to sell:

wwbridge-productNote! Do not create these attributes as custom attribute type from the separate Woocommerce Attributes menu. It needs to be done like on the image above -just enter “watupro” in the small box and the ID in the big box. The drop-down at right should be saying “Custom product attribute”.

How do you know the quiz ID? Simple, it’s the number in the quiz shortcode:


That’s all, you can start selling access to quizzes. You can add coupons, bundles, and so on -anything that you would do with your Woocommerce products.

When the payment of order is completed, the access to any associate WatuPRO quizzes will get activated. If the user is not logged in and does not exist, an user account will be created on the fly.

The access to the quiz will not be granted until the payment is COMPLETED in Woocommerce.

Redirect to the Quiz

From version 0.8 the bridge supports automated redirecting after the order is paid. Just add another custom attribute to the same product. The attribute must have name watupro-redirect and value the URL of the quiz. You can also use any other URL if for some reason you want to redirect elsewhere.

If the user purchase multiple quizzes in one shopping cart they will be redirected to the first purchased product which has the “watupro-redirect” attribute.

Selling Quiz Bundles

From version 0.9 the bridge also allows selling quiz bundles (note: bundles are available for users of the WatuPRO Intelligence module). The process of setting up a bundle is exactly the same as of a quiz, but the attribute name should be watupro-bundle instead of just “watupro”. The IDs of the bundles are visible on the Manage Bundles page.

Payment Settings in WatuPRO

From version 1.2 this bridge allows you to control how the quiz page behaves if visited by the user before the quiz is paid for. You can either redirect automatically to the WooCommerce product page or display a text with link so the user goes there themselves:

IMPORTANT: If you choose the second option and WooCommerce is the only payment option you use, you’ll need to put at least something in the “Other payment instructions” box in the WatuPRO Settings page. Enter some generic instruction or even just an icon or image, otherwise WatuPRO will display “no payment methods set up” error.

Here’s an example of what the content from the above image and “…” on the “Other payment instructions” box produces:

Note that WatuPRO Coupon codes will not work in WooCommerce and vice-versus.

Allow Dashboard Access

Since a while WooCommerce started hiding the WP dashboard from users. This may be OK for some customers who use the shortcodes to put “My Quizzes” etc. pages on the front-end, but not for all. If you still want to allow your students to access the standard WP dashboard, you can do it from the “WooCommerce Bridge” link under the WatuPRO menu:

Changelog Version 1.0

We have updated the plugin to work with Woocommerce 2.6.11. The older versions of the bridge will not work when “watupro-redirect” is used!

Changelog Version 1.1

The plugin provides “allow dashboard access” option explained above.