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Help Us To Help You

You are using one of our products and suddenly got into a trouble? Maybe found a bug or can’t manage to find a setting? Don’t worry.

We are here to help you.

But you should help us to do it. We don’t knowingly release buggy products, so if you found a bug you can be sure we don’t know about it.

So you must provide URL where we can observe the problem.

We have been so clear about this in the emails sent to you, on the site itself, in the software Help page, yet people ignore it all the time.

Sometimes the support staff will also need to login and see the settings. Please be cooperative and provide such. In most products, like WatuPRO for example, it’s very easy to do this without sharing your administrator login. In the Settings page there is option to enable other user roles to manage the quizzes.

We are software developers, not soothsayers. Do not force us to guess. We have wasted hours and hours with customers who send vague explanations and screenshots instead of  providing URL to see their issue. The wasted time and frustration such users cause is unbearable. Please don’t be one of them.  If you don’t cooperate, we can’t help you and your bug report may be ignored.

True / False Questions in WatuPRO

From version 4.3.2 WatuPRO, the WordRress quiz plugin, supports a True / False question type. This is a sub-type of the “single answer” questions and can be enabled by selecting the checkbox which shows only when “Single answer” is selected:



What are the specifics of True / False Questions?

They are single-choice questions and generate radio buttons just like them. However:

  • When you select this type the two answers are automatically added (saves time)
  • These answers never randomize – True is always on top
  • There are always exactly two answers shown – True and False, regardless of any limits set for the quiz.

True / false questions are small but very useful addition built per customer requests.

WatuPRO 4.3 – New Import Formats, New PDF Bridge, and More

Version 4.3 of WatuPRO, the WordPress quiz plugin, is now ready:

  1. A major rework has been done on import/export (the legacy formats are still supported). Now we have a very simple format, advanced format with all properties, and Aiken format. More info at
  2. Marking a question as important ensures it will get included with priority if you are pulling only subset of all quiz questions
  3. The free PDF Bridge has been reworked to use the MPF library. Now it can work with foreign characters and complicated designs
  4. The {{{points}}} variable can now be used in the “Optional answer explanation” field to display how many points the user has earned on the question.
  5. Added “% Correct answers” to the results list page (also in the filters & exports on the page)
  6. When copying quizzes from the free Watu you can now select the shortcodes to be automatically replaced with WatuPRO shortcodes
  7. You can also copy the current user results from Watu basic to WatuPRO
  8. A new display code lets you include the individual user’s answer to each question into the final screen or certificate contents. You’ll find the code at the top of the Edit Question page
  9. Mass-apply new category to selected questions on the Manage Questions page
  10. Option to penalize unanswering a question with a number of negative points
  11. Configuration allows you to select whether to show “My Quizzes” and “My certificates” pages in user dashboard. If you have the Reporting module, you can also select which tabs to be shown there.
  12. Option to randomize answers but not questions
  13. A new variable %%TIME-SPENT%%  in the final screen shows the time spent when taking the test.
  14. A new option lets users make each of their certificates visible by everyone (including non-logged in visitors)
  15. You can view who and when has started but not finished a quiz, and delete these attempts
  16. The shortcodes that display lists of quizzes now let you order them by title or by latest on top. Check the Help and Categories pages for more information.
  17. You can choose to not show paid quizzes that have not been purchased in “My quizzes” page (Intelligence module)
  18. Sorting questions can now be treated as a whole and assign points when the entire set is sorted correctly or not (Intelligence module)
  19. Advanced setting option lets you switch off the “You did not select or enter any answer” confirmation popup (Intelligence module)
  20. Advanced setting lets you enable enumeration on answers – numeric or alphabetic (Intelligence module)
  21. Shortcodes to display “Stats per question”, “All question answers” and “Chart by grade” pages (Reporting module)
  22. Fixed edge case bugs with “redirect to shareable final screen” option
  23. Watupro is now qTranslate compatible so you can easily have multi-language quizzes.

Eligible customers have received their upgrade. In case your one year free upgrades / support package has expired you can renew it for 40% of the regular price.