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Regular (No-Ajax) Form Submitting Option from WatuPRO 4.4.6

From version 4.4.6 the quiz plugin WatuPRO supports non-ajax submitting of the quiz. To enable it for selected quizzes go to your WatuPRO Settings page:


Why No AJax?

Submitting forms by ajax is nice and looks good but in rare cases causes problems:

  • There are other plugins which also use Ajax or extensive JavaScript functions which will not work in Ajax-called page. So if you want to include such plugins in the “Final screen” of your quizzes, some of them won’t work. (For example some charting libraries). This problem gets solved if you submit the form normally.
  • Selecting “no ajax” is required to allow user upload files in open-end questions because uploading files by ajax is unreliable*.

When you look at it, the difference between a quiz submitted by ajax, and one submitted normally is very minor for the user – one page refresh.

Uploading Files

When you enable “no ajax” submitting for some quizzes you will be able to allow file uploading for open-end questions. This is configured individually for each open-end question by checking a checkbox in the “Add / Edit Question” page:


There are also configurations for accepted file size and file type. These are set at a global level in your WatuPRO Settings page.

* Yes, I know it’s 2014 and uploading via ajax is not entirely impossible. However it’s unreliable, javascript-heavy and not supported by older browsers. So for now we’ll stick to the regular file upload.

Subscribe By Sending Email in Arigato PRO

From version 2.2.7 the WordPress autoresponder plugin Arigato PRO supports “Subscribe by sending email” feature.

Here is how it works: you need to designate an email address and enter your POP3 login details in the new “Subscribe by Email” page:


Then the plugin’s cron job will login once per day to this account and will check all emails older less than one week. The users who sent email to this address will get subscribed to the selected mailing list(s) and accordingly to the settings you set:


You can specify a phrase in the email subject that will be used to recognize who should subscribe (so spam or other random email won’t be processed). This lets you even to use the email address for other correspondence although this is not recommended.

How Do I Get The Update?

If you are not yet a customer, please purchase the plugin from our site. If you are existing customer eligible for upgrade we will send you upgrade by a newsletter when version 2.3 is completed. Don’t want to wait? Email us and we’ll send you 2.2.7 right away.

Namaste! LMS to WatuPRO Play Bridge

This is a tiny bridge for customers who use both Namaste! LMS and the WatuPRO Play plugin. It lets you do two things:

  • Assign badges from WatuPRO play for completing courses in Namaste! LMS. These badges will be assigned without considering the badge requirements. if you want badges which will be assigned for completing courses but cannot be assigned through taking quizzes, simply assign very high requirements (for example a million points or over 100% correct answers) so the badge can never be earned from WatuPRO but only from Namaste
  • You can also transfer the points earned in Namaste (if using the Namaste points system) to the user’s balance in WatuPRO Play. Then they can use these points to earn levels, badges, or redeem rewards.

Download the plugin here