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Collect User Contact Information With WatuPRO

Note: From version 4.4.3 to version there is a small bug in the Advanced Settings page (Intelligence module). When you save the advanced settings it will remove the contact info feature settings. If you are running any of these versions please let us know to send you update. Update will anyway be sent to everyone when we release version 4.5 so there is nothing to hurry about unless you use the Advanced Settings page and have a version between 4.4.3 and

From version 4.4.3 the quiz plugin WatuPRO has an easier way to collect the following information from every quiz taker:

  • User email
  • Name
  • Company name
  • Phone

The best thing is that you can easily set this to happen before or after taking the quiz. Here is how the new setting looks in the Add / Edit Quiz page under “User and Email Related Settings”:


That’s it. The software will figure out how to display this depending on your quiz settings.

And more, for logged in users it will automatically prepopulate email and name. This is what you call easy.

Thus collected information will be visible to you in the quiz results page.

Moreover, if you have selected to email the user their results, the quiz will use the information from these fields and no longer open “Enter email” field on top of the page. (The field will still appear if you don’t select “Ask for email” but select “Email user their results”). So every possible situation is covered.

Other and older (more complicated) methods:

The older methods of obtaining user contact information still exist and you can still use them:

  • Request contact information with open-end “survey” type questions
  • Request user and email with your own tags like explained here.

While both methods will keep working, we strongly recommend you to start using the new option. It is really much simpler for you.

How To Integrate Arigato PRO with Contact Form 7

From version 2.2.4 our premium newletter and auto-responder WordPress plugin Arigato PRO has a built-in integration with Contact Form 7. This is the most popular contact form for WordPress so we decided to simply build the integration inside our software instead of creating additional plugins.

What Does It Integrate?

The integration allows you to use your existing contact forms also as subscribe form for the autoresponder. This way you can have users who ask you questions also subscribe to your newsletter or marketing campaign. Don’t worry, it’s not automated – the user will be given a checkbox for the mailing list(s) you want to offer them. You can even include custom fields from the mailing list into the contact form:


How To Do It?

1. Go to your “Mailing lists” page. You will see a link “Integrate in contact form” in the “Subscribe form” column of the table:


2. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a page that gives you two things:
a) Shortcode for the checkbox. You can make it checked by default, and optionally assign CSS class and HTML ID. The text next to the checkbox defaults to “Subscribe for {list-name}”:list-shortcode

b) The right side of the page will show you all custom fields in the list if there are any. You can also get shortcode for each of these fields:


3) Any of these custom fields along with the “subscribe” checkbox shortcode can then be placed inside your Contact Form 7 contact form. Go to “Contact” in your WordPress admin menu (obviously the plugin Contact Form 7 must be installed and activated) and click to edit the contact form. Then place the shortcodes from BroadFast anywhere you want them to appear:


4. That’s it. Now your contact form will also act as subscribe form for your mailing list(s).

Note the following:

  • You can include checkboxes for more than one mailing list
  • The user’s email will be auto-confirmed if the mailing list does not require double opt-in confirmation. If the list requires confirmation, a confirmation email will be sent – just like with a regular subscribe form.
  • The information from custom fields that are included in the contact form will not come to your Contact form 7 email but will be recorded along with the user’s data and visible in your subscriber’s data.

WatuPRO 4.4 – Matrix Questions, New Pagination Options, Free Add-Ons and more

The new version of WatuPRO, the best WordPress Quiz plugin, is now ready. The version is 4.4, and the improvements from 4.3 to 4.4 are listed below:

  1. New pagination option – show custom number of questions per page
  2. Option to randomize categories when questions are grouped by category
  3. You can now create default grades which can be reused from or copied into every quiz
  4. A new question type – True / False is available as sub-type of “Single choice” questions
  5. First name and last name (when available) are added to the export of the results
  6. Logged in users can switch-off the automated emails for completed quizzes
  7. The email that is sent to user when quiz is completed can now be restricted based on the achieved grade. So you can select grades that will initiate the email and grades that will not.
  8. Pagination of 50 questions per page is added in the “Manage questions” admin page
  9. New option lets you blank out some of the fields from the quiz results to save DB space, without losing reports and points-related data.
  10. A free WatuPRO Simple Designer add-on is available for changing the quiz UI. More info here.
  11. “My Quizzes” page will show also previous attempts on the same quiz
  12. Now advanced users can create their own version of any of the program layout pages (the “views”) and can customize them. (See the Help page inside your WatuPRO menu)
  13. New option lets you deactivate a quiz. This makes it inaccessible and removes it from “My quizzes” page and the shortcodes that return list of quizzes.
  14. Match / Matrix question type (Intelligence module)
  15. Advanced setting option lets you not load logged in user progress when they come back to unfinished paginated quiz (Intelligence module)
  16. Two performance improvements have been made: quizzes paginated “one question per page” will no longer save user data on the fly (but you can enable it with a checkbox, and it will be auto-enabled for your old quizzes to avoid forcing you do manuall work). The second performance tuning requires the advanced settings page (Intelligence module) and lets you switch off storing question text along with user answers in the database
  17. %%USER-NAME%% variable can be used to display user’s name on the FInal screen / email content. The variable uses the value entered in {{{name-field}}}. If empty, displays the logged in user name. If empty, displays “Guest”.
  18. Two new variables available for the Final Screen – %%AVG-POINTS%% and %%AVG-PERCENT%% showing respectively the average points and % correct answers achieved by other quiz takers.
  19. Shortcodes for poll-like charts let you publish how all user’s answers are distributed in a question. More info: (Reporting module)
  20. Fixed problem with showing the same certificate earned multiple times on different quizzes
  21. Fixed problems with using multiple “chart by grade” shortcodes on a page
  22. Fixed bug that was showing the categories of hidden questions on the final screen, when the quiz is paginated one question per page.
  23. Fixed bug with personality quiz questions – these should not display correct/incorrect checkmarks

The free upgrade has been sent to eligible customers. If your free upgrades package has expired, you will receive a promo code to renew with 60% discount. Or feel free to contact us for the code. Renewal is optional – you can keep using the latest version you have as long as you need it.