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Likert Scale Survey Maker for WatuPRO

This is a new free addon for the quiz maker plugin WatuPRO.

The plugin allows you to create Likert scale surveys really quick. It also includes a couple of shortcodes to display the survey answers to the user in a bar chart.

Download the plugin: watupro-likert (15 KB)

How Does It Work

The plugin creates a regular WatuPRO quiz with all questions marked as survey questions and automatically adds all the answers. It allows you to add many questions quickly and automatically adds all answers for the Likert scale. It’s a tremendous time saver for creating such type of surveys.

After activating the plugin you will see a new link under your WatuPRO menu: “Likert scale survey”. Have a quick look at the options:


The page allows you to create up to 8 questions at one and then add more and more with the same settings (scale etc). Or change the scale for the next set of questions.

There are 5 scales supported: Agreement, Importance, Frequency, Likelihood, and Custom. All settings are editable.

Once the survey is created you will be directed to Edit Quiz page to fine-tune and publish the quiz. You can of course then edit the questions, add media, etc just like with every WatuPRO quiz.

The Bar Chart

To display the bar chart you need minimum WatuPRO version because this is the version from which survey questions do not require the points assigned to them.

The bar charts are added via shortcodes (the survey maker can automatically add them for you). Here is example of a chart by category:


The table will follow the table style definitions of your theme. If you want to style it, it has CSS class “watupro-likert-chart”. The color of the bars is currently hardcoded to #AAA but this will be improved soon.

Arigato PRO Bridge to WooCommerce

This is a new free bridge for our WordPress mass-mailer and drip marketing software Arigato PRO.

The bridge has one very simple purpose: to let you automatically sign up users who buy products into associated mailing lists.

Download the bridge here: bftpro-woocom-bridge – version 0.4 (11 KB)

How To Use It

You can use this plugin either to tie-up purchasing products to mailing list signups or to directly sell access to mailing lists that you don’t want to give access for free. Here is how:

1. install and activate the plugin through the WP dashboard page (you must already have Atigato PRO)

2. Create or edit product in your WooCommerce store. Go to Attributes and create a custom attribute. its name must be bftpro. The value of the attribute must be the ID of the mailing list you want the user to be signed up for:


How do you know the list ID? Easy – you can see it in your BroadFast PRO Mailing Lists page in the “Subscribe Form” column:


The number in the shortcode is the list ID. So in the picture above the list ID is 1.

That’s all. Now when someone pays for a product (or you manually approve order as paid in admin), their email and name will be added in the associated mailing list.

Paid Class Signup in Namaste PRO

From version 1.1.1 the PRO plugin for Namaste! LMS supports paid signup for a class / group. Configuration is really easy:

1. Make sure you have payment methods set up in Namaste! LMS Settings page

2. In Add / Edit Class page enter your price in “Charge X to sign up for this class” box. You need to have selected “Allow users to sign up for this class” checkbox first

3. Use the class “sigup shortcode” shown on the Manage Classes / Groups page. Publish it on a post or page and the paid class sign-up will be handled automatically.

That’s it.