Monthly Archives: February 2015

Using Paypal Data Transfer (PDT) instead of IPN

Namaste! LMS users: the post below is valid for Namaste! LMS as well, from version 1.6.8.

From version 4.7.3 WatuPRO + Intelligence module supports payment verifications by Paypal Data Transfer (PDT). The reason is that some customers experience delays in receiving the paypal IPN response. The PDT payment mode can also be useful if you are running the plugin on intranet or want to test it on localhost.

Here is what you need to do to enable PDT payment handling:

  • Enable PDT in your Paypal account. More information here (see under “How to get started”).
  • Enter anything as Return URL in your Paypal account. It doesn’t matter, we generate another one on the fly
  • In WatuPRO (or Namate! LMS) Settings page select “Use Paypal PDT instead of IPN”. A box will appear to enter your token, obtained in step 1.

That’s it. Your site will now use PDT instead of IPN. You can test it in Sandbox mode.

BroadFast is now Arigato

Our WordPress autoresponder plugin is now called Arigato for multiple reasons but mostly as appreciation to our many Japanese customers and friends.

You may still see the old name used here and there so this post is to clear the confusion. No other changes come out of this – it’s just a new name. The product and company behind it remain the same.

Basic BadgeOS Integration in WatuPRO Play Plugin

From version 1.8.9 the Play plugin for the quiz software WatuPRO supports basic integration with BadgeOS. The integration allows you to automatically award BadgeOS achievemt when WatuPRO Play Badge is awarded.

To do this you simply need to select a checkbox and enter the BadgeOS integration ID number:

badgeos-achievementThat’s it, save it and when the user achieves the Play badge, they will also achieve the associated BadgeOS badge.

If you don’t know the BadgeOS achievement ID you can find it by going to the page that lists the achievements and click on Edit for the one you want. The ID is visible in the address bar of the browser. Something like: post.php?post=62&action=edit – here the ID is 62.