BroadFast Autoresponder PRO 1.2

There has been a small but important update to BroadFast PRO.

Here are the two main things that have been done besides a few small tweaks:

1. Upgraded CKEDITOR to latest version. I am hesitant whether to replace it with another rich text editor for future versions because this thing starts getting huge.

2. Added “select time of the day” for autoresponder email (feature for which people were asking long time!). The selection says “Send AFTER X o’clock” because the exact time of sending will depend on when your cron jobs run. If you have a large queue of unsent mails (because your “mails per run” number is not bit enough or because cron job doesn’t run often enough), then these mails can be sent later than expected. In any case, once the selected time of the day has come, these mails will be sent with priority over “any time” emails. But “any time” emails starts getting sent at midnight otherwise.

Hope that’s not confusing! 🙂 If required I’ll give further explanation about this feature.

As usual the upgrade is free if your last purchase was less than 1 year ago. Otherwise the upgrade to this version is $43.50.

4 thoughts on “BroadFast Autoresponder PRO 1.2

  1. Roland Campos

    Hi Bobby,

    I would like to have the new 1.2 upgrade of BF Autoresponder PRO that recently came out. I purchased PRO version in March earlier this year. Also, let me know if I have to do a full install or just tell me which files I should update. If I can avoid a full re-install that would be good.

    Roland Campos

  2. Wolf Boyce

    Hello Bobby,

    I would like to get the updated version, I purchase the Pro version in August. I do not know if I was ever registered in the members area, I did not sign up there since you installed the script. Also I had lost in in moving and only now re-installed, and seen upgrade notice. Please advise or contact.

    Thank you
    Wolf Boyce

  3. admin Post author

    Hi Wolf, no worries, if you have purchased in August, you have the latest version already.

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