BroadFast For WordPress 2.2, Intelligence Module 0.8.5

An important upgrade to the WordPress autoresponder has been released and sent to eligible customers. Here are the new and improved features:

  • Now it’s easy to change the text of the “Subscribe” button or use a graphic instead of button
  • Segmentation allows you send emails only to selected segments of your mailing lists (Intelligence module required)
  • Select time of the day when autoresponder email should be sent
  • Added email sending error log
  • Added explanations about “In queue” and test “cron job” link
  • Question based captcha can be used instead of (or along with) reCaptcha
  • You can now automatically have users who subscribe to your mailing list be subscribed also to your blog (as WordPress users)
  • Email templates (Intelligence module). More info here

If you are customer who didn’t get their upgrade, please email us to get it. If your order is more than 1 year old you can renew upgrades and support for another year with 60% discount.

Someone asked us why updates aren’t sent through the WordPress dashboard. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow commercial plugins in the repository so this is not an option. It is not impossible to build our own update procedure but it’s really complicated work because we’ll need to also check if the user who’s getting the upgrade is active customer. Believe me, you don’t want to deal with entering license keys and problems when the domain name isn’t found in a registry. It’s much easier to delete the old plugin and install the new one once in few months.