Create Start Button in WatuPRO Using The {{{button}}} Tag

Since version 4.0.8 WatuPRO supports starting the quiz with a start buttons, similar to how other plugins do it. We don’t do this by default because it’s not suitable for all cases. But it’s super easy to configure, and this page will show you how.

Please do not use this together with “Ask for user contact details” setting. When you require user contact details, the button is created automatically when appropriate.

The start button tag should be placed into the quiz description box, and it will render a HTML button tag. More about this later.

Timed and Non-Timed Quizzes

First, note the difference between timed quizzes (quizzes with time-limit) and non-timed quizzes (quizzes without time limed). If you place the start button in a timed quiz, the start button will appear in the place of our default “Click here to start exam” link. If you place the start button in a non-timed quiz, the button will appear where you have placed it in the description.

See example timed quiz and example non-timed quiz.

Configure the button

By default placing the {{{button}}} tag will generate a HTML button tag with default style and text “Start Exam”. But you can easily customize this:

{{{button "Start My Quiz Now"}}} – just add text in quotes after the button word (don’t forget the space) and WatuPRO will generate the button with that text.

{{{button "Start My Quiz Now" "color:green;background-color:black;padding:20px;"}}} – add any CSS as third argument (note the space and the quotes) and WatuPRO will apply your CSS to the button.