Email Design Templates in Arigato PRO / Intelligence Module

Design templates allow you to quickly attach pre-defined designs to newsletters or autoresponder email messages in Arigato PRO for WordPress (Intelligence module required).

The “Design templates” feature is available from the following versions:
– Arigato PRO version 2.2
– Intelligence module version 0.8.5

Here is a quick example of how to use the feature:

1. Create your design template

There is nothing special about this – you can design visually or enter HTML code. The only important thing is that each template is required to contain the {{{contents}}} mask in the place where you want your specific email contents to appear. Example:



2. Create Your Newsletter or Autoresponder Message

Create your message having in mind the design you want to apply. Nothing special here as well:



3. Select Your Design

While creating or editing the email message, select your design template:



4. That’s it!

Here is how your current email message will look when the template is automatically applied during sending: