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Basic BadgeOS Integration in WatuPRO Play Plugin

From version 1.8.9 the Play plugin for the quiz software WatuPRO supports basic integration with BadgeOS. The integration allows you to automatically award BadgeOS achievemt when WatuPRO Play Badge is awarded. To do this you simply need to select a checkbox and enter the BadgeOS integration ID number: That’s it, save it and when the…

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Mozilla Open Badges Support in Watu Pro Play Plugin

Finally, it’s here. Version 1.7 of the Play Plugin for Watu PRO is just uploaded. Open Badges Support The most important new feature is Mozilla Open Badges support. How does it work? Really simple: Check “Issue as Mozilla Open Badge” checkbox when you add or edit your badge. Make sure you fill your Issuer organization…

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Restrict Quizzes by User Level (WatuPRO & The Play Plugin)

This new feature requires WatuPRO 5.1 and the Play Plugin v. 1.9.8. It’s actually quite simple and we surprised ourselves that nobody asked for it earlier. It gives you the option to restrict access to a quiz based on levels that user have achieved in the Play Plugin. How does it work? The quiz must…

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