Namaste! LMS to WatuPRO Play Bridge

This is a tiny bridge for customers who use both Namaste! LMS and the WatuPRO Play plugin. It lets you do two things:

  • Assign badges from WatuPRO play for completing courses in Namaste! LMS. These badges will be assigned without considering the badge requirements. if you want badges which will be assigned for completing¬†courses but cannot be assigned through¬†taking quizzes, simply assign very high requirements (for example a million points or over 100% correct answers) so the badge can never be earned from WatuPRO but only from Namaste
  • You can also transfer the points earned in Namaste (if using the Namaste points system) to the user’s balance in WatuPRO Play. Then they can use these points to earn levels, badges, or redeem rewards.

Download the plugin here