Question Import Formats in WatuPRO

The old import format was often causing confusion so from version 4.2.3 we switched to three much better formats. Don’t worry, the old formats will still be supported for some time through the “Legacy import/export” link.

The new formats supported by WatuPRO are currently these:

Simple Import (CSV):

Download sample file: import-simple. (right-click and choose “Save as”. Note: the file is COMMA delimited.)

Do not use this format when importing files exported by the plugin. Use “Advanced WatuPRO” instead.

This is a simple CSV file that has only two columns with question properties:

  • Question contents
  • Question type – radio, checkbox, textarea

Then the answers follow in unlimited sets of 3 columns in this order:

  • Answer contents
  • Is correct? (Enter “0” for wrong answer and “1” for correct answer)
  • Points assigned

You can import “fill the gaps” and sorting questions with this import format but you will not be able to import many of the properties. So this import format is best suited for single-answer, multiple-answer, and open-end questions.

Advanced Import (CSV)

Download sample file:  import-advanced (right-click and choose “Save as”. Note: the file is COMMA delimited.)

WatuPRO exports files in this format. Use it always when importing questions exported from other WatuPRO quiz.

This format contains all the question properties in columns and is a subject to change if a new property gets added to the questions. This is also the format that is exported by WatuPRO so at any time you can get the most actual format by simply exporting some of your questions.

All columns must be present in your CSV file but you can leave empty most of them. So feel free to enter only the properties you need.

Aiken format

Download sample file: import-aiken (right-click and choose “Save as”)

We now support the easy and simple Moodle’s Aiken format. Learn more about it here.