Quizzes For LearnPress

This is a quiz connector between the quiz plugins Watu, WatuPRO and the LMS LearnPress.

The plugin allows you to integrate the more powerful quizzes from Watu and WatuPRO (and more plugins coming soon!) into your LearnPress course curriculum.

Download Here

How To Make It Work:

0. Obviously you need LearnPress, this plugin (“Quizzes for LearnPress”) and some of the connected plugins (Watu and/or WatuPRO) installed and active before going further.

1. Create a quiz in the connected quiz plugin.

2. Create an empty quiz in LearnPress (a quiz without any questions). In the Quiz description box enter the quiz shortcode you have obtained from the connected quiz plugin. Example:

Don’t add any questions in the LearnPress quiz, you won’t use them.

3. Click on the Quiz Connector link under your LearnPress menu:

4. Create the relation(s) between LearnPress quizzes and the quizzes from the connected plugin. You will be able to specify which grade (from the connected quiz) and what % correct answers (also from the connected quiz) will be required to consider the LearnPress Quiz Completed:

5. When the student visits the LearnPress Quiz link under the course, they’ll actually get the Watu or WatuPRO quiz displayed. When the quiz is completed, the connector plugin will evaluate it accordingly to the criteria you defined in step 4. If the quiz is successfully completed, the original LearnPress Quiz will be considered completed as well!

As much as we love and trust our own learning management system Namaste! LMS, we believe in the openness and modularity of the WordPress ecosystem. So, you’ve got this bridge that lets you integrate our quiz plugins with LearnPress for free.

Improvements to WooCommerce and EDD Bridges for WatuPRO

A new setting available from version 0.7 of the EDD Bridge and version 1.2 of the WooCommerce Bridge lets you help the user follow the payment process easier. if they visit the paid quiz page directly, before a payment is made, they can either:

  • Be automatically redirected to the respective EDD or WooCommerce product page
  • See a text with a link to the respective EDD or WooCommerce product page

Often users will visit paid quiz pages from their dashboards or other links so these settings will be very useful and will make the whole flow more logical.

Note that the changes require a recent version of WatuPRO as well.

xAPI / Tin Can Integration in WatuPRO

From version 5.4.6 WatuPRO has integration to Tin Can / Experience API that allows you to send statements to a learning record store when user passes or fails a test.

To use the integration you need to install the free WP Experience API plugin and follow the same process explained in our Namaste! LMS integration.

The only difference is that the xAPI / Tin Can menu in WatuPRO currently has less options:

That’s it!