[WatuPRO] Adding images in match/matrix answers

The answers area of the match / matrix questions in WatuPRO does not use the rich text editor. There is just no space to put it there because there are two boxes for each answer. The rich text editor will make the UI there bad.

But you can still add images there by entering HTML code. The easiest way to do so is this:

  • Scroll down just a bit to see the “Optional Answer Explanation” box
  • Click on its “Add Media” button
  • Locate or upload your image
  • Get its URL from the “Attachment Details” sidebar which appears when the image is clicked
  • Copy the URL
  • Enter <img src=”URL HERE”> in the answer box and paste your URL in place of “URL HERE” words.
  • That’s it.

Design Themes From WatuPRO 4.6.5

Design themes are available in our WordPress quiz plugin WatuPRO, starting from version 4.6.5. The design themes let you control how the quizzes look for your users.
WatuPRO currently have 5 ready design themes. You can choose design theme in WatuPRO Settings page:

select-themeChoose the theme and save. Now your quizzes will use the theme.

Designing your own theme

Designing your own theme is as simple as uploading a CSS file in watupro/css/themes folder. Please explore the existing themes to get ideas what you can change and how. We can provide design consultations as addon service.

The existing themes

We are starting with 5 built-in themes. Below are small examples of each of them:

The default theme

This theme is used by default in WatuPRO.


The green theme

Has green buttons and backgrounds on text boxes.


The green buttons theme

Similar to the above but the choices are shown as clickable buttons instead of radios / checkboxes.


The blue theme


The blue buttons theme


[WatuPRO] How To Display Different Message When The User Passes and Fails a Quiz?

Actually WatuPRO is a lot more flexible than having “Failed” and “Passed” outcomes of a quiz. But many users need only “Failed” and “Passed” and the question how to display different content depending on this outcome comes often.

It’s very easy:

Step 1: Create “Passed” and “Failed” grades

Click on the “Grades” link for the quiz and you’ll get to the Manage Grades page. Define what points or % correct answer the user needs to achieve in order to pass. From this number of points up to the maximum number of points (or 100% correct answers) will be your “Passed” grade. Your conditional message will go inside the grade description. For example:


Any points or % correct answers below this will make the “Failed” grade. In similar way, enter your conditional message, if any. For example:


Step 2: Add the variable to your “Quiz output / Final page box

You can use the variable %%GDESC%% to dislay the conditional message accordingly to the achieved result. For example:


That’s all! Two really easy steps.