“Something Doesn’t Work in Namaste! LMS”

TL;DR; If you have a problem that needs attention, then we must see it at the actual location – please provide me URL, login, and the steps required to see it. Screenshots or explanations are not sufficient without the actual URL.

Thanks for your understanding. If you want to know the long story, it’s below.

We are getting false bug reports about the free Namaste! LMS every day. When we go to check the case it usually happens that the user has forgotten a requirement or setting they have made (for example selecting that admin should approve lesson completeness and then expecting it to happen automatically).

We have lost hours and hours to check such issues and we refuse to do this anymore. Every functionality in Namaste! LMS is tested to death and to the best of my knowledge it works fine. So I will not spend time to guess and repeat guessed actions on my installation just to figure out that the plugin works fine. This is not to say there are no bugs. Probably there are but most of the bug reports we receive are false, and this seriously wastes our time. This is time that would otherwise go to develop and improve the plugin further.

If you are sure you have found a bug in Namaste you must provide the following or your email will be ignored:

  • URL of your site where we can see the problem. If the problem is visible only from the back-end you’ll need to create user that has role enabled in “WordPress roles that can administrate the LMS” in the Namaste settings page and send me the user login details. I have to see the problem in the same way that you are seeing it.
  • Step by step instructions which page to check and what to do to reproduce the problem you have found.

Maybe the reason for so many false bug reports is that Namaste is not user friendly enough. We are doing our best and will try to improve it but for now it is how it is. So bear with us and please understand we can’t provide priority support for a free plugin. If you have bought other plugins or modules, you are eligible to get premium support for them, not for Namaste! LMS. If you provide us the details required we will try to solve your issue anyway. But don’t make me guess please.