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How To Display Different Message When The User Passes and Fails a Quiz?

Actually WatuPRO is a lot more flexible than having “Failed” and “Passed” outcomes of a quiz. But many users need only “Failed” and “Passed” and the question how to display different content depending on this outcome comes often.

It’s very easy:

Step 1: Create “Passed” and “Failed” grades

Click on the “Grades” link for the quiz and you’ll get to the Manage Grades page. Define what points or % correct answer the user needs to achieve in order to pass. From this number of points up to the maximum number of points (or 100% correct answers) will be your “Passed” grade. Your conditional message will go inside the grade description. For example:


Any points or % correct answers below this will make the “Failed” grade. In similar way, enter your conditional message, if any. For example:


Step 2: Add the variable to your “Quiz output / Final page box

You can use the variable %%GDESC%% to dislay the conditional message accordingly to the achieved result. For example:


That’s all! Two really easy steps.