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WatuPRO Bridge To MailChimp

If you are using MailChimp for your newsletters, here is a free bridge that will allow you to automatically subscribe users who complete quizzes in selected mailing lists. Similar to the Arigato PRO bridge it allows you to select required result / grade which lets you subscribe users to different mailing lists depending on their performance.

Note the following from the MailChimp API: “Subscribe the provided email to a list. By default this sends a confirmation email – you will not see new members until the link contained in it is clicked!“. From version 0.9 we have added a checkbox that allows you to override this setting and signup the user without email confirmation. Do this at your own risk. If your MailChimp account gets banned for abuse we can not help and will not be responsible.

Note also that MailChimp now requires name not to be empty. So please use it for quizzes which request name from the user in one or another way. If it’s let empty, the plugin will attempt to set it as “Guest” but this is not recommended way to handle things.

The bridge will not work if you select “Don’t store any data / results of this quiz in the database.”

Once installed and activated the plugin will add link “Bridge to MailChimp” in your WatuPRO menu.

In order to use it you need to obtain free MailChimp API key.

Download The Plugin Here (Version 0.9, 7 KB)

Here is a screenshot of how it looks:


If you’d rather not pay monthly fees and leave your mailing list data in someone else’s hand, we recommend you our premium WordPress Autoresponder / Drip marketing suite. It comes with one-time fee and optional yearly upgrade fees, and there is also free bridge for connecting WatuPRO.