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Namaste! LMS Bridge for WooCommerce

Our WatuPRO Bridge for WooCommerce is used a lot so we decided to build a similar one for Namaste! LMS.

Download the bridge here (0.8.2)

Once downloaded, install and activate it. Then here is how to use it:

First, you need to create paid courses and/or classes (if you have Namaste! PRO). Then add them as products in your Woocommerce store. Name them any way you want, give any price you want.  The price you set in Woocommerce does not need to match the price you set in Namaste! LMS. he only important thing is to create a custom attribute with name “namaste-course” and value containing the ID of the course you want to sell, or “namaste-class” and the ID of the class you want to sell. Example:

woocommerce-namasteNote! Do not create these attributes as custom attribute type from the separate Woocommerce Attributes menu. It needs to be done like on the image above -just enter “namaste-course” or “namaste-class” (without the quotes) in the small box and the ID in the big box. The drop-down at right should be saying “Custom product attribute”.

That’s all, you can start selling access to courses and classes. You can add coupons, bundles, and so on -anything that you would do with your Woocommerce products.

When the payment of order is completed, the access to the course or class will be activated. Access to course will not be given until the order status is COMPLETED. If the user is not logged in and does not exist, an user account will be created on the fly.

Redirect to the Course

The bridge supports automated redirecting after the order is paid. Just add another custom attribute to the same product. The attribute must have name namaste-redirect and value the URL of the course. You can also use any other URL if for some reason you want to redirect elsewhere.

If the user purchase multiple courses or classes in one shopping cart they will be redirected to the first purchased product which has the “namaste-redirect” attribute.

InstaMojo Integration for Namaste! LMS

This plugin will let users from India who have the Intelligence module for Namaste! LMS to sell access to courses and classes via the Instamojo payment service.

The plugin requires Namaste! LMS min. version 1.6.2. If you use PRO, the min. compatible version is 1.1.8.

Download namaste-instamojo v. 1.1 here (18 KB)

From version 1.0 the bridge also works with the Namaste! PRO shopping cart.

How To Use It

Install the plugin and activate it. A new menu item will appear under your Namaste! LMS menu. The item is called “Instamojo integration”:

Before you can proceed you need the following:

  • Your API key and Auth token. Once you have an Instamojo account you can obtain these from the Developers section.
  • A dynamic payment link. The link must have a fixed price and “Pay what you want” options selected.
  • The link must also have two custom fields added in the Advanced Settings section in your Instamojo link management page. One of the fields should be called item_id and the other field should be item_type.
  • It needs to have “Custom redirection URL” attribute also set up. You can see the URL in your “Instamojo Integration” page in Namaste! LMS.

Once all this is done, ensure a couple more things:

1. You must enter the field identifiers of the custom fields in the Instamojo Integration page. The field indentifiers are visible in the “Custom fields” section of the Instamojo link management page for the given link. You need to mouse over the field names to see the identifiers.

2. You have to enter the following code inside your “Other payment instructions” box in Namaste! LMS Settings page (exactly as you see, just copy and paste)

[namastemojo-button amount="{{amount}}" item_id="{{course-id}}" item_type="{{item-type}}"]

This will generate a payment link on your paid quizzes. It can work along with all other payment methods. The payment link has class “namastemojo-button” so feel free to style it.

Paid Class Signup in Namaste PRO

From version 1.1.1 the PRO plugin for Namaste! LMS supports paid signup for a class / group. Configuration is really easy:

1. Make sure you have payment methods set up in Namaste! LMS Settings page

2. In Add / Edit Class page enter your price in “Charge X to sign up for this class” box. You need to have selected “Allow users to sign up for this class” checkbox first

3. Use the class “sigup shortcode” shown on the Manage Classes / Groups page. Publish it on a post or page and the paid class sign-up will be handled automatically.

That’s it.