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WatuPRO 5.1

The quiz plugin WatuPRO just hit version 5.1. Below is the list of changes and improvements between 5.0 and 5.1:

  • New mode for grades calculation: when you select to calculate quiz grades by percent you can also choose whether to calculate percent of correct answers or percent points achieved from the maximum possible points. This gives you greater flexibility for quizzes with more complicated and versatile questions.
  • Honeypot field option is available against spam bot submissions. Using a “honey pot” is a lot less obtrusive than captchas because it does not require the end user to do anything, while the efficiency is almost the same. You can  enable the new feature from the Edit Quiz -> General Settings tab.
  • A new field on the Grades form lets you specify URL where to redirect the user upon achieving the grade. The old option to use the grade title as URL still works, but is less convenient.
  • Added mass activate / mass deactivate buttons on the Manage Questions page.
  • New quiz taking counter shortcode lets you show how many attempts are allowed total or left for the current user on a given  quiz. The shortcode is watupro-quiz-attempt, see the internal Help page for usage examples.
  • The Quiz categories table will now show who each category is accessible to (roles or user groups).
  • Added %%CATEGORY-PERCENTAGEOFMAX-X%% variable to manually display the % from maximum points collected on a category.
  • New shortcode lets you display a simplified version of the “View results” page of a quiz on the front-end. You’ll find the shortcode for each quiz on its “View results” page in admin.
  • [Intelligence module] Now in personality quizzes the points given to answers can be used to give more weight to a selected answer-to-personality match. By default each match counts as one point.
  • [Intelligence module] New option lets you turn the blank spaces in “Fill the gaps” question into drop-down selectors. More info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/turn-multiple-answer-gaps-into-drop-downs-watupro-intelligence-module-v-5-0-2/
  • [Intelligence module] The Match / Matrix questions have been fully reworked with a new UI. The new interface is more user-friendly and works better on mobile devices. The old legacy format can still be used but we won’t provide technical support for it.
  • [Intelligence module] The Dependencies section now supports all or any mode (i.e. you can require all dependencies to be satisfied or just one of them).
  • [Intelligence module] The expand-personality-result shortcode now accepts argument “chart” to produce a basic bar chart.
  • [Reporting Module] The user Overview page now shows total points and avg. % correct answer.
  • Grade management editor made smaller so you can see more of the grades on screen
  • Critical bug fix for WP 4.4: After updating to WP 4.4 on some installations submitting a quiz let to a database error and the results were not submitted.
  • Fixed bug: after introducing multi-quiz certificates, the regular certificates were always issued to non-logged in users.
  • Fixed bugs with dependencies in Intelligence module: “any” mode worked correctly only when the first dependency was satisfied. The locked-test info did not show correctly satisfied dependencies with % correct answers mode.
  • Fixed bug: when “Ask for contact” field label contained an apostrophe the whole setting was not properly saved.
  • Fixed bug: [Intelligence module] when sending email for editing submitted quiz details the email contents did not have proper line breaks.
  • Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: in fill the gaps questions. When multiple correct answers were given without “dropdown mode” selected the last answer was not properly recognized as correct.
  • Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: the exact answer feedback did not work on Slider questions.
  • Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: slider questions did not work in “no ajax” mode.
  • Fixed bug [Intelligence module]: When “Reveal the correct answers on unanswered and wrongly answered fields in “Fill the gaps” questions” was chosen, the answers were revealed even in the %%UNRESOLVED%% variable.

As usual: customers eligible for free updates have received them via the newsletter. If your free upgrades subscription has expired you will be able to renew for another year with 60% discount. Please contact us for promo code if you did not receive the newsletter.



WatuPRO 4.7 – Likert Scale Maker, Progress Bar, Design Themes, and More

The latest version of our WordPress quiz maker WatuPRO is now online:

  1. Added quiz design themes. More information here.
  2. New free addon: Likert Scale Survey Maker. Information and free download at this page.
  3. Added option to delete all quiz results of a selected user
  4. Added option to automatically delete user quiz data when the user account is deleted from admin
  5. Added option to keep each certificate from multiple quiz attempts from the same user on the same quiz
  6. Added %%CONTACT%% variable to display the extra contact fields (company and phone) in the “Final page” and the email sent to user. Available are also variables for the individual contact fields that can be used there and in the certificates.
  7. Added progress bar option for all paginated quizzes.
  8. User’s feedback on questions can now be seen in structured way. Just follow the link “Feedback on questions” from the “View results” page on the quiz.
  9. Improved question category management screen + rich text editor for category descriptions
  10. Improved the indentation of multiple-line numbered questions
  11. Improved handling of multiple-line contents and HTML tags when exporting questions
  12. The social sharing options are now embedded in the plugin and you no longer need the social sharing addon. Added options to share by email, Google +, and LinkedIn.
  13. You can switch off the rich text editor from certificate editing to avoid your HTML being messed by it
  14. Question export CSVs now can be configured to use comma or tab. Default is comma.
  15. Added variable %%BETTER-THAN%% to show the user what % of users performed worse than them on the quiz.
  16. Low memory mode – learn more here.
  17. Survey questions no longer ignore the points assigned to their answers.
  18. [Intelligence module] A new advanced setting lets you configure “single choice” questions to automaitcally proceed or show the answer.
  19. [Intelligence module] Paypal payments now support sandbox mode and open CURL connection when such is available.
  20. [Reporting module] Fixed problem with the poll shortcode and multiple-answer questions
  21. Fixed problems with question hints on quizzes that reuse questions from other quizzes
  22. The shortcodes that list quizzes will also include quizzes published with the User Choice addon

The upgrade is sent by a newsletter to eligible subscribers. If your subscription has expired you can renew with 60% discount. We are sending the promo code by a newsletter too, but in case you didn’t get it, please email us.

WatuPRO 4.6

Thanks for the useful customers feedback our WordPress quiz plugin WatuPRO keeps improving. Version 4.6 is out, and here are the most important changes, additions, and improvements:

  • Questions can accept user’s comments / feedback.
  • Single-choice questions can be displayed as drop-down selector instead of radio buttons group.
  • You can now specify custom subject for the submitted quiz notification email.
  • You can filter questions by ID in the Manage Questions page. The question IDs can also be displayed to the user using the variable {{{ID}}}
  • Bridge to MailChimp is now available: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-bridge-to-mailchimp/
  • The shortcodes that list all quizzes and quizzes in category now have additional optional argument “show_status”. It will allow logged in users to see if every quiz is completed, not started, or in progress.
  • “Show numbered pagination” is now available for all types of quizzes
  • Option to reward the collected positive points only when the whole question is answered correctly. This is useful for multiple-choice questions and is similar to “treat this question as a whole” option from the Intelligence module.
  • Quizzes can now be published also in custom fileds as long as you enter the URL in the new box (more info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-quizzes-published-in-custom-fields/)
  • [Intelligence module] You can now sell paid quizzes in bundles. More info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-intelligence-module-paid-quiz-bundles/
  • [Intelligence module] Sorting questions can now be used in personality quizzes to allow the user assign different weight to different answers. More information at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/using-sorting-questions-in-personality-quizzes-watupro/
  • [Intelligence module] Added option to mark payment as used after each quiz attempt on paid quizzes. This lets you charge users for every quiz attempt.
  • Stats per category are now available in the Reporting module (num and % answered, unanswered, and correct answers)
  • Added “barebone” plugin for API developers: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/watupro-custom.zip
  • Advanced setting option lets you switch off the auto-scrolling on multiple-paged quizzes
  • Automatically store user progress as they go from page to page is now available for all pagination types
  • Added ungrouped quiz leaderboards sorting based on individual attempts (Play plugin)
  • Added %%CATDESC%% variable in the “common category grade output” so you can include the category description when showing category grades.
  • Added user groups information in the list of results on a quiz
  • Added option to hide question numbers so you don’t have to deal with CSS
  • Fixed issues with ordering the categories in %%CATGRADES%%
  • Free bridge for myCRED has been added. Please look here for more information.
  • Fixed memory leak issue

The update has been sent via newsletter to all eligible customers. In case your year of free updates has expired you can renew with 60% discount.