Turn Multiple-Answer Gaps Into Drop-downs (WatuPRO Intelligence Module v. >= 5.0.2)

You know that the Intelligence module of WatuPRO allows you to create “fill the gaps” questions. Each of the “gaps” (blanks) can have multiple correct answers when you use the following format:

The apple can be {{{green|red|yellow}}}

In the above example if the user fills green, or red, or yellow in the generated text field, their answer will be correct.

From version 5.0.2 the same format can be used for different purpose by selecting the following checkbox on the Edit Question page:

gaps-dropdownsWhen this is selected, all the gaps that have more than one answer within the question will be turned into drop-down selector. The drop-down selector will have one option for each answer given. The first answer that you have given is the only correct answer. But of course, it will not be shown first – the selections will be randomized so the user will not know which is the correct answer.

So if we use the above example, the correct answer will be “green” and red / yellow will not be correct.

This setting is per-question so it will affect all the blanks within the selected question.