Watu Exam Now With Images and Open End Questions

There were some requests to make our exam testing software work with images, so here it is: in the latest version there is a “Image Gallery” popup which allows you to upload unlimited number of images. Under each uploaded image the HTML code that can be used for exam questions, answers and grades is displayed. You can copy this code anywhere to create content with pictures.

The other interesting new feature is the ability to add open end questions. I had to think some time how to solve these, because the initial idea of this software is to calculate grade based on the user’s answers. Apparently this functionality is not required by everyone but I still wanted to allow calculating grade for open end questions. So here is what i came up with.

These questions will only optionally have answers. You can add unlimited number of answers to those questions and the system will not show them to the exam taker. Instead of that it will compare the freely entered text, case insensitively, to every answer. If answer is matched (assuming you have answers), the system will assign the points you have given to that answer. Simple and very efficient.

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