Watu PRO 3.8

Here is the new release of Watu Pro:

  • Numbered paginator is available on tests that are displayed one question per page
  • Stripe integration for paymens (Intelligence module)
  • Deactivating a question
  • Mass delete questions
  • Option to allow maximum number selections on multiple-select questions
  • Added payment records page for paid exams along with ability to manually add or remove payments
  • %%EMAIL%% and %%DATE%% variables in the final screen
  • %%MAX-POINTS%% variable to show the maximum points the user could collect on this quiz
  • Indexed the user answers tables for faster queries
  • Shortcodes are available for the reporting module pages as well (Reporting module)
  • The exam action buttons are now in table to avoid formatting issues with some themes
  • Fixed bug – missing question properties when copying an exam
  • Code cleanup and removing some obsolete files

We are starting the newsletter which will deliver the free upgrade to all eligible customers in the next few days. If you don’t receive yours feel free to contact us at info@calendarscripts.info.

As usual, any old customers whose free upgrade package has expired can renew it with 60% discount.

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