WatuPRO 3.0

A new version of WatuPRO is now available. Here are more details:

  1. WordPress shortcodes to display all exams or exam of selected category in any post or page
  2. “My certificates” page for the user so they can access their certificates any time
  3. The blog administrator also has “My exams” page for easier testing
  4. Previous button is now optional, configurable for every test
  5. Grade title and description can be included separately on the final screen
  6. The usual portion of bug fixes and localization improvements

This upgrade is still free for all old customers because we released the first version of this software just an year ago. So feel free to mail me or download the latest version from the CalendarScripts Member’s area.

The safe upgrade procedure remains the same.

5 thoughts on “WatuPRO 3.0

  1. Surendra

    Hey Brain,

    Thanks for the update.

    But I was expecting Chart analysis feature in next upgrade for students exams.

    I hope this will be added soon!!!

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Surenda,

    Thanks for the comment. Not sure which charts exactly you mean. However a new reporting module will be available on the site in just few days.

  3. Tim

    Thanks for the update.

    Here’s something to think about for the next update:

    * Make it easier for the admin to set the order of questions for a quiz. As it stands there are up/down arrows, but if you have a fairly large quiz and add a new question, but want that question to appear near the beginning of a quiz, it takes a long time to move it. A simple solution would be a box where you could enter a number for what position you want the question to appear.

    * A social media add-on. It would be great to have a pop-up appear when a user completes the quiz, asking them if they’d like to share their score on Facebook or Twitter. This might take a bit of work, but it would be a great addition and help bring in new visitors.

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