WatuPRO 3.6 and The Play Plugin

The Upgrade

There has been a significant upgrade of WatuPRO with several important features and bug fixes:

– Resolved conflicts with all known membership plugins
– “Show results” button can be always visible on ‘one question per page’ quizzes, but warns about premature submitting. Useful for long quizzes.
– Schedule exam (makes it available only in selected date ranges)
– All user roles can now use the exams. The limitation to Student role caused far more issues than benefits so we decided to drop it altogether. You can still manage which roles have access to manage the tests.
– You can now use WordPress User Roles instead of User Groups to avoid redundancy, and for better integration with membership plugins.
– Navigation improvements
– Filter test results by user role
– Started developers API (see the previous post for more information)

As usual upgrade is free for users who purchased WatuPRO less than one year ago and will be delivered by a newsletter in the next few days.

The Play Plugin

Another thing to note is the new plugin called Watu PRO Play. It adds gamification element to Watu PRO and lets you assign levels and badges, allow users to redeem rewards, generates many leaderboards, and more. Just check the site for more info or email us with your questions.

8 thoughts on “WatuPRO 3.6 and The Play Plugin

  1. Henny Struik

    Does the upgrade also solve the conflicts with the S2memberframework plugin? I used this plugin but had to uninstall because WatuPRO did not work the way I expected. I Would be very delighted if I could use it again in combination with WatuPRO.

    When do the users recieve the upgrade?

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, all known conflicts are resolved. You’ll receive the update through a newsletter in the next few days, but if you don’t (or you want it now), please just mail me at admin@pimteam.net and I’ll send it manually.

  3. nishant

    is there a possibility to log how long did a user take to complete the test. in my scenario , it is important to know duration of test completion along with the test score to generate the leader board. is this possible using watu pro ??

  4. nishant

    thnx , just saw that, i’d like to use that information to generate a leader board. i see , i can sort by points, is it possible to add another condition by points and time spent ?

  5. prasunsen

    Not “out of the box” I’m afraid. You will need some cusotmization. We may add the functionality in the next version however.

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