WatuPRO 3.7

This release is fairly important and contains a lot of updates. Here are the new features and fixes made after 3.6. If you have some of the intermediate versions between 3.6 and 3.7 you may already have some of them enabled. As usual the release will be sent as a newsletter to customers who bought less than one year ago.

WatuPRO 3.7 Changelog

  1. Exams pagination and sorting
  2. Fixed issue with the timer on non-paginated tests
  3. Conditionally load the scripts and CSS to avoid loading them on pages where you don’t have exams.
  4. Fixed import/export issues
  5. Dependencies can work with % correct answers (Intelligence module)
  6. Re-take exam only when some grades (results) are achieved (a new option)
  7. Allow multiple correct answers in “Fill the gaps” questions (Intelligence module)
  8. Certificates are now shown on the front-end. This avoids issues with some plugins and configurations where the student is not allowed to reach the dashboard.
  9. Exams can be published in custom post types
  10. “Sort the values” question type (Intelligence module)
  11. Changed the Paypal headers in the IPN script, as required by latest Paypal announcement

If you don’t receive the newsletter in the next couple of days feel free to send us email and request the update.

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