WatuPRO 4.0

Time is flying – WatuPRO reached version 4.0. If you are eligible for a free upgrade a newsletter will reach your inbox in the next few days. The customers who are eligible for paid renewal will instead receive the promo code.

Here are the updates in this version:

New features and improvements:

  1. Filter quizzes by category and title.
  2. You can now create personality quizzes with the Intelligence module (points, correct answers etc calculations can still be used in personality quizzes if you wish).
  3. Added tags to questions for management purposes. You can filter questions by tags.
  4. Certificates now can require admin approval.
  5. Open end questions have different modes of matching (learn more).
  6. Select which questions and grades to copy when copying a quiz.
  7. Added again the optional quiz description field. When filled it will be shown before the quiz. It can also optionally be shown on the “final screen” and in certificates.
  8. Improved questions export/import will not support the additional question properties. The old simpler CSV formats will still be supported.
  9. You can now choose between large box, medium box, or single-line text field for open-end questions.
  10. You can exclude questions from displaying on the final screen (when %%ANSWERS%% variable is used). Often useful for survey questions.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  1. Removed the redundant “Answer display” section. Please use only the %%ANSWERS%% variable for this purpose.
  2. The category and “my exams” shortcodes can be restricted to show exams from one or more categories.
  3. Fixed bug with missing submit button when the quiz is paginated 1 page per question category but there are no question categories.
  4. Fixed problem with importing question when other plugins catch the improt data (weird edge case).
  5. Fixed problems with complex answer feedback in Practice mode exams (Intelligence module).
  6. Fixed problem with rounding points when admin edits user results (Intelligence module).
  7. Fixed problem with rounding points when copying exams.
  8. Fixed problem with %%MAX-POINTS%% variable (negative points were being added).
  9. Fixed missing “Answering this question will be considered CORRECT when:” setting when copying exam.
  10. Fixed time limit exceeded bug.
  11. Fixed but with Advanced Settings -> Select number of random questions by category. The bug was visible when the quiz was reusing questions from another quiz.

15 thoughts on “WatuPRO 4.0

  1. Suresh Khanal


    I’m really happy with this plugin. I’m using it in my sites icttrends.com and mcqsets.com.

    The new features are great and hope it will help many. I was looking for a specific functionality and wish if it is introduced in the plugin.

    I want to present the exams in sequence. For example if I have an exam with 200 questions, I want to create 10 posts with 20 questions each. The current shortcode [Watupro 1] does not allow anything like that. If you could provide [Watupro 1 start=10 end=30] to present questions numbered from 10 to 30, this would definitely be most useful.

    Hope you’ll consider it in future updates.

  2. nperalta

    I really like this plugin, but do you know how I can use the wp “Nickname” in the certificate instead of using the %%user_name%%? I’ve looked for a way to automatically assign nickname to the ‘Display As’ in WP, but couldn’t find an easy way to do it.
    Was hoping there was a usable variable from watupro that would allow me to assign nickname. Thank you!

  3. prasunsen

    Probably you can use a plugin like WP User Meta, it generates shortcodes and then the shortcodes can be used inside Watupro’s certificates

  4. Rick Moniker

    The plugin is good but it does NOT have matching question type feature. This is so basic question type and even present in free quiz plugins like Wp-Pro-Quiz. Will you add this question type soon?

  5. Yogesh Sharma

    can we set the limit of questions for users . so that user only see the limited questions from our database .

  6. Yogesh Sharma

    Hello ,

    Could You please tell me difference between 87$ and 137$ plan ? is there any discount ?


  7. Yogesh Sharma

    Hello ,

    We want features list for

    WatuPRO + “Intelligence” Module and Watu Pro Full Bundle . Please send us list so that we can do order for this plugin .


  8. Yogesh Sharma

    Hello ,

    We want to import our data fro free version into WatuPro . How we can do it . Please update us .


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