WatuPRO 4.2: User Info Shortcodes, Woocommerce Bridge, Compact Format, and more

The next major release is up, here are the changes and improvements from version 4.1 to version 4.2:

  1. Rounding the points to the closest decimal is now possible on questions. This comes to solve problems when you have for example 3 correct answers on a question and want the total to make 1 point.
  2. Option to restrict number of quiz submissions by IP address. This works both for logged in and not logged in users and will take effect before the user-based restriction.
  3. “Compact format” option is available on most question types. Answers will be aligned horizontally, right from the question, instead of vertically under it.
  4. The free PDF-Bridge plugin can be used to generate PDF certificates instead of DocRaptor. It still has some limitations.
  5. You can now use rich text editor to easily add images and media to the answers of each question.
  6. “Reuse questions from” now allows you to select multiple quizzes at the same time (Intelligence module
  7. You can request a non-logged in user to enter name and email before the quiz starts (or before it’s submitted). Learn how.
  8. User profile shortcodes. More information here.
  9. Different email content to user and admin can be specified by using the {{{split}}} tag.
  10. Calculate grade by % correct answers is moved to the basic WatuPRO version
  11. A free Woocommerce bridge is available which lets you sell access to paid quizzes through Woocommerce (WatuPRO Intelligence module required)
  12. Advanced settings option to reveal the correct answers on wrongly answered “Fill the gaps” fields (Intelligence module)
  13. Advanced settings option to specify the exact order of categories when questions are grouped by category (Intelligence module)
  14. Advanced setting option: require confirmation when the submit button is pressed (to avoid accident submitting of the quiz) (Intelligence module)
  15. Exams that require payment can be purchased with points earned from other exams. This is of course an option that you can enable. You can specify how many points make 1 unit of your currency. (Intelligence module and Play plugin required)
  16. Improved the proficiency calculation by category on Skills/Categories page (Reporting module)
  17. A new pie chart showing the results distribution by grade (Reporting module)
  18. The History tab of the reporting module now shows also the quiz that was taken
  19. Bug fix: “Schedule from/to” finally considers your timezone settings
  20. Fixed bug with incorrectly calculating “max-points” on “Fill the gaps” questions

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