WatuPRO Bridge for Easy Digital Downloads

This free bridge lets you sell access to paid WatuPRO quizzes through EDD

Download The Bridge Here – v. 0.7, 11 KB

This plugin works simpler than the WooCommerce bridge.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Create some products in EDD. It doesn’t matter how you call them – that’s up to you, but if these products will be quizzes it makes sense to use same names as the quiz titles.
  3. In Edit Quiz -> Intelligence Module tab select the product that corresponds to the quiz.
    edd-bridgeSetting this will affect only EDD orders made after that. It will not make the quiz paid for customers who purchased the EDD before you connected the quiz to it.
  4. Direct users to your EDD store. From version 0.7 of this bridge AND version of WatuPRO there is a setting that allows you to select how the user will be directed to the EDD product page when visiting the paid quiz page. Go to EDD Bridge link in your WatuPRO menu and select one of the following options:

    The first will automatically redirect. The second lets you output some text along with a link.
    If you are using older EDD/WatuPRO version you can use the “Other payment instructions” box in the WatuPRO Settings page -> Payments section to display some generic text with a link to your EDD store – something like “Access to this product can be purchased from our web store“.
  5. Paying in EDD will not automatically direct the user to the quiz page. It’s up to you to place a link in the product description for example. The best place for such link is the “Download notes” section in EDD:So after payment the user will see a link to the quiz:

Note that access to the quiz  will be given only after the payment is COMPLETED! If you are not getting access to the quiz after paying check in Downloads -> Payment History and ensure that the payment is not Pending or anything else than “Completed”.