WatuPRO Bridge To MailPoet

If you are using MailPoet for your newsletters, this free bridge that will allow you to automatically subscribe users who complete quizzes in selected mailing lists. Similar to the Arigato PRO bridge and the MailChimp bridge it allows you to select required result / grade which lets you subscribe users to different mailing lists depending on their performance.

It also allows you to specify that a certain number of points (exact number) must be collected on a specified question. This for example can be used to add a checkbox so the user confirms their willing to subscribe; or a radio question that will designate the users in different mailing lists based solely on the answer of that question.

Once installed and activated the plugin will add link “Bridge to MailPoet” in your WatuPRO menu.

Download Here: Version 0.3 (7 KB)

Here is a screenshot of how it looks: