WatuPRO Changelog Archive

This post archives older changelog that’s no longer listed on the site. For more recent changes check the How-to page (Click on Changelog tab)

Changes in Version 4.9

  1. Question difficulty levels can now be selected in user’s profile (by admin). When this is done the user will be restricted to access only questions from the selected difficulty levels.
  2. Difficulty levels can have unlock criteria to be automatically unlocked (if you select “Apply difficulty level restrictions per user account.”)
  3. Added log that will show you who and when unlocked a difficulty level (provided that you select “Apply difficulty level restrictions per user account.”)
  4. The search form on “view results” page will now include the Phone and Company fields, when they are requested in the quiz.
  5. Limit the number of logged in users quiz re-takings within interval of 24 hours, a week, or a month.
  6. Certificates now can be issued for completing multiple quizzes with min. average points and / or min. average % correct answer.
  7. New option lets you enable a rating widget so users can rate questions.
  8. New “final screen” variable %%ANSWERS-PAGINATED%% lets you display the user’s answers one at a time, with a numbered pagination.
  9. Added option to automatically cleanup or blank out user submitted data older than X days (to save database space).
  10. PDF Certificates can now be attached to emails (Requires PDF Bridge version 0.8 or newer)
  11. New option “When no more attempts are available display the latest result.” lets you display a snapshot of the final screen when logged in user that can’t retake the quiz visits the quiz page.
  12. The variable %%USER-NAME%% can also be used in the email subject.
  13. Added variable %%ADMIN-URL%%. It can be useful for the email sent to admin to quickly find the submission details in the administration.
  14. [Reporting module] A bar chart shows the average % correct answers per skill.
  15. [Intelligence module] Fill the gaps questions can now accept a numeric range also as correct answer.
  16. [Intelligence module] Paid quizzes are now available for non-logged in users as well. To use this your server must support sessions (true in 99% of the cases). Also note that coupon codes functionality is currently available for logged in users only.
  17. [Intelligence module] Date stamp when teacher manually edits user results will be stored and shown in the list of results on a quiz.
  18. [Intelligence module] You can specify individual CSS for every gap (in Fill the gaps questions) by passing it like last correct answer for the gaps. Example: {{{answer1|answer2|style=”width:250px;font-weight:bold;height:50px;”}}}
  19. [Reporting module] Fixed bug: the “Different tests attempted” on the Overview page was showing 0.
  20. Fixed subcategory related issues in the Reporting module -> Skills.
  21. Fixed false “category name already exists” message when adding subcategories.
  22. Fixed bug when user with the same session saves multiple in-progress quizzes (only one was saving).
  23. Fixed bug with saving and reusing the “common category grade design” in the default grades page.
  24. Fixed bug with timed quizzes that store user progress and randomize questions (questions order was lost during different unfinished quiz attempts).
  25. Fixed bug when timed “non-ajax” quiz required contact details at the beginning (the details were getting lost)
  26. Added auto-scroll to top after filling contact details on quizzes that ask for them at the beginning.
  27. Improved styling of the buttons in the admin pages.

Changes in Version 4.8

  1. Certificates can now be issued to non-logged users as long as you have requested their email address when they take the quiz (by using any of the methods for this)
  2. Added option to show category based paginator on top. Works for all pagination types (except “custom number per page”) when questions are grouped by category.
  3. Added question subcategories. When randomizing and pulling X questions per category they will be treated exactly like the main categories.
  4. Enabled simple question based “captcha” to prevent spam submissions.
  5. Added option to copy / clone questions within the same quiz (use the Copy into another quiz link).
  6. Added optional instructions before the “ask for contact details” fields.
  7. Question difficulty levels. Questions can be filtered in admin and you can limit the quiz to display only questions of given difficulty level.
  8. Added new “Final output” variable – %%PERCENTAGEOFMAX%% – it will display the % of points achieved from the maximum possible points.
  9. Added %%TIME-SPENT%% variable in certificates.
  10. The shortcode This content is only for logged in users now can accept one more argument to show only completed quizzes or quizzes to complete. Please check the internal Help page for details.
  11. New improvements to the timer.
  12. Fixed the default order of categories when the quiz is paginated one page per category: it will follow the order of your questions.
  13. [Intelligence module] – new question type added: slider / rating widget.
  14. [Intelligence module]: Improvements to the multiuser access. You can now apply the user group / roles restrictions to allow editors manage only quizzes within their user group or role permissions. A new “view level” permission is added which allows you to designate accounts that can only view quiz results.
  15. [Intelligence module] Paypal PDT is now supported for hosts that experience delays in Paypal IPN.
  16. [Intelligence module] From the payments page for a quiz now you can select another quiz or even see the payments collected on all quizzes.
  17. [Intelligence module] Custom payment options can now be used also in bundles and manual management of bundle payments is added.
  18. [Intelligence module] Simple discount code management allows you to provide coupons for paid quizzes and bundles.
  19. All variables will now be replaced everywhere in the grade description as well which will let you include more dynamic information right in the table with quizzes on “My quizzes” page.
  20. Various improvements to the social sharing options.
  21. The free WooCommerce bridge now allows setting up another attribute with URL where to redirect after checkout. Usually you’ll want to redirect to the quiz.
  22. Unified smart quotes and straight quotes when doing text comparisons in open-end questions.
  23. Fixed problem with calculating personality grades when personality quizzes reuse the default grades.
  24. Fixed problem with calculating % correct when there are survey questions.
  25. Fixed bug with extra commas on question tags when quiz / questions are copied into another quiz.

Changes in Version 4.7

  1. Added quiz design themes. More information here.
  2. New free addon: Likert Scale Survey Maker. Information and free download at this page.
  3. Added option to delete all quiz results of a selected user
  4. Added option to automatically delete user quiz data when the user account is deleted from admin
  5. Added option to keep each certificate from multiple quiz attempts from the same user on the same quiz
  6. Added %%CONTACT%% variable to display the extra contact fields (company and phone) in the “Final page” and the email sent to user. Available are also variables for the individual contact fields that can be used there and in the certificates.
  7. Added progress bar option for all paginated quizzes.
  8. User’s feedback on questions can now be seen in structured way. Just follow the link “Feedback on questions” from the “View results” page on the quiz.
  9. Improved question category management screen + rich text editor for category descriptions
  10. Improved the indentation of multiple-line numbered questions
  11. Improved handling of multiple-line contents and HTML tags when exporting questions
  12. The social sharing options are now embedded in the plugin and you no longer need the social sharing addon. Added options to share by email, Google +, and LinkedIn.
  13. You can switch off the rich text editor from certificate editing to avoid your HTML being messed by it
  14. Question export CSVs now can be configured to use comma or tab. Default is comma.
  15. Added variable %%BETTER-THAN%% to show the user what % of users performed worse than them on the quiz.
  16. Low memory mode – learn more here.
  17. Survey questions no longer ignore the points assigned to their answers.
  18. [Intelligence module] A new advanced setting lets you configure “single choice” questions to automaitcally proceed or show the answer.
  19. [Intelligence module] Paypal payments now support sandbox mode and open CURL connection when such is available.
  20. [Reporting module] Fixed problem with the poll shortcode and multiple-answer questions
  21. Fixed problems with question hints on quizzes that reuse questions from other quizzes
  22. The shortcodes that list quizzes will also include quizzes published with the User Choice addon

Changes in Version 4.6

  1. Questions can accept user’s comments / feedback.
  2. Single-choice questions can be displayed as drop-down selector instead of radio buttons group.
  3. You can now specify custom subject for the submitted quiz notification email.
  4. You can filter questions by ID in the Manage Questions page. The question IDs can also be displayed to the user using the variable {{{ID}}}
  5. Bridge to MailChimp is now available: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-bridge-to-mailchimp/
  6. The shortcodes that list all quizzes and quizzes in category now have additional optional argument “show_status”. It will allow logged in users to see if every quiz is completed, not started, or in progress.
  7. “Show numbered pagination” is now available for all types of quizzes
  8. Option to reward the collected positive points only when the whole question is answered correctly. This is useful for multiple-choice questions and is similar to “treat this question as a whole” option from the Intelligence module.
  9. Quizzes can now be published also in custom fileds as long as you enter the URL in the new box (more info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-quizzes-published-in-custom-fields/)
  10. [Intelligence module] You can now sell paid quizzes in bundles. More info at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/watupro-intelligence-module-paid-quiz-bundles/
  11. [Intelligence module] Sorting questions can now be used in personality quizzes to allow the user assign different weight to different answers. More information at http://blog.calendarscripts.info/using-sorting-questions-in-personality-quizzes-watupro/
  12. [Intelligence module] Added option to mark payment as used after each quiz attempt on paid quizzes. This lets you charge users for every quiz attempt.
  13. Stats per category are now available in the Reporting module (num and % answered, unanswered, and correct answers)
  14. Added “barebone” plugin for API developers: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/watupro-custom.zip
  15. Advanced setting option lets you switch off the auto-scrolling on multiple-paged quizzes
  16. Automatically store user progress as they go from page to page is now available for all pagination types
  17. Added ungrouped quiz leaderboards sorting based on individual attempts (Play plugin)
  18. Added %%CATDESC%% variable in the “common category grade output” so you can include the category description when showing category grades.
  19. Added user groups information in the list of results on a quiz
  20. Added option to hide question numbers so you don’t have to deal with CSS
  21. Fixed issues with ordering the categories in %%CATGRADES%%
  22. Free bridge for myCRED has been added. Please look here for more information.
  23. Fixed memory leak issue

Changes in Version 4.5

  1. A new setting lets you allow users to flag questions for review
  2. Now there is much easier way to request user email, name and other contact info – see here
  3. You can now set up no-ajax submitting of some quizzes to accept file uploads and for other reasons (learn more)
  4. When using category grades and the %%CATGRADES%% variable you can also control the order the category results appear at the end: default, from best to worst, or from worst to best category by user performance
  5. Added “Time spent” column in the “View results” page
  6. The add / edit quiz form has been redesigned with tabs to make it easier to use
  7. You can pass a list of comma separated question IDs in the shortcode to specify exactly which questions to be shown and disregard any randomization and grouping settings. This is yet another method to reuse questions from same quiz in multiple setups. The format to use is where X is the quiz ID. This is internally called by the free User Choice add-on
  8. The free User Choice addon lets you publish quizzes in which the user selects what questions to answer.
  9. The new Chained logic addon – see here
  10. Option to auto-publish unpublished quiz at the time of creating or editing it
  11. You can allow users to select WatuPRO user group when signing up
  12. Twitter sharing is now available in our free social sharing addon
  13. [Intelligence module] A new shortcode lets you expand the information show for personality quiz results. Please check the internal Help page for more info and example.
  14. [Intelligence module] Now personality quizzes allow matching one answer to multiple results. This will be useful if you don’t always relate answers 1:1 to results (for example having 30 personality types should not mean that you need 30 possible answers on every question)
  15. Changed the quiz shortcode to small letters for better compatibility with other plugins. The old codes will remain working
  16. When questions are grouped by category the category title and description will be shown in all quiz pagination types (used to be shown only when the quiz is paginated “one page per question category”)
  17. Stats per questions also shows number and % unanswered (Reporting module)
  18. Fixed % calculations in the poll shortcode (Reporting module)
  19. Auto-stop any playing audio questions when user moves from page to page
  20. Added filters from WP QuickLaTeX so you can now use everything from that plugin
  21. Fixed bug with “time taken” for non-logged in users on paginated quizzes

Changes in Version 4.4

  1. New pagination option – show custom number of questions per page
  2. Option to randomize categories when questions are grouped by category
  3. You can now create default grades which can be reused from or copied into every quiz
  4. A new question type – True / False is available as sub-type of “Single choice” questions
  5. First name and last name (when available) are added to the export of the results
  6. Logged in users can switch-off the automated emails for completed quizzes
  7. The email that is sent to user when quiz is completed can now be restricted based on the achieved grade. So you can select grades that will initiate the email and grades that will not.
  8. Pagination of 50 questions per page is added in the “Manage questions” admin page
  9. New option lets you blank out some of the fields from the quiz results to save DB space, without losing reports and points-related data.
  10. A free WatuPRO Simple Designer add-on is available for changing the quiz UI. More info here.
  11. “My Quizzes” page will show also previous attempts on the same quiz
  12. Now advanced users can create their own version of any of the program layout pages (the “views”) and can customize them. (See the Help page inside your WatuPRO menu)
  13. New option lets you deactivate a quiz. This makes it inaccessible and removes it from “My quizzes” page and the shortcodes that return list of quizzes.
  14. Match / Matrix question type (Intelligence module)
  15. Advanced setting option lets you not load logged in user progress when they come back to unfinished paginated quiz (Intelligence module)
  16. Two performance improvements have been made: quizzes paginated “one question per page” will no longer save user data on the fly (but you can enable it with a checkbox, and it will be auto-enabled for your old quizzes to avoid forcing you do manuall work). The second performance tuning requires the advanced settings page (Intelligence module) and lets you switch off storing question text along with user answers in the database
  17. %%USER-NAME%% variable can be used to display user’s name on the FInal screen / email content. The variable uses the value entered in {{{name-field}}}. If empty, displays the logged in user name. If empty, displays “Guest”.
  18. Two new variables available for the Final Screen – %%AVG-POINTS%% and %%AVG-PERCENT%% showing respectively the average points and % correct answers achieved by other quiz takers.
  19. Shortcodes for poll-like charts let you publish how all user’s answers are distributed in a question. More info: http://blog.calendarscripts.info/using-watupro-for-polls-new-shortcodes-from-reporting-module/ (Reporting module)
  20. Fixed problem with showing the same certificate earned multiple times on different quizzes
  21. Fixed problems with using multiple “chart by grade” shortcodes on a page
  22. Fixed bug that was showing the categories of hidden questions on the final screen, when the quiz is paginated one question per page.
  23. Fixed bug with personality quiz questions – these should not display correct/incorrect checkmarks

Changes in Version 4.3

  1. A major rework has been done on import/export (the legacy formats are still supported). Now we have a very simple format, advanced format with all properties, and Aiken format. More info athttp://blog.calendarscripts.info/new-imports-from-watupro-4-2-3/
  2. Marking a question as important ensures it will get included with priority if you are pulling only subset of all quiz questions
  3. The free PDF Bridge has been reworked to use the MPF library. Now it can work with foreign characters and complicated designs
  4. The {{{points}}} variable can now be used in the “Optional answer explanation” field to display how many points the user has earned on the question.
  5. Added “Correct answers” to the results list page (also in the filters & exports on the page)
  6. When copying quizzes from the free Watu you can now select the shortcodes to be automatically replaced with WatuPRO shortcodes
  7. You can also copy the current user results from Watu basic to WatuPRO
  8. A new display code lets you include the individual user’s answer to each question into the final screen or certificate contents. You’ll find the code at the top of the Edit Question page
  9. Mass-apply new category to selected questions on the Manage Questions page
  10. Option to penalize unanswering a question with a number of negative points
  11. Configuration allows you to select whether to show “My Quizzes” and “My certificates” pages in user dashboard. If you have the Reporting module, you can also select which tabs to be shown there.
  12. Option to randomize answers but not questions
  13. A new variable %%TIME-SPENT%% in the final screen shows the time spent when taking the test.
  14. A new option lets users make each of their certificates visible by everyone (including non-logged in visitors)
  15. You can view who and when has started but not finished a quiz, and delete these attempts
  16. The shortcodes that display lists of quizzes now let you order them by title or by latest on top. Check the Help and Categories pages for more information.
  17. You can choose to not show paid quizzes that have not been purchased in “My quizzes” page (Intelligence module)
  18. Sorting questions can now be treated as a whole and assign points when the entire set is sorted correctly or not (Intelligence module)
  19. Advanced setting option lets you switch off the “You did not select or enter any answer” confirmation popup (Intelligence module)
  20. Advanced setting lets you enable enumeration on answers – numeric or alphabetic (Intelligence module)
  21. Shortcodes to display “Stats per question”, “All question answers” and “Chart by grade” pages (Reporting module)
  22. Fixed edge case bugs with “redirect to shareable final screen” option
  23. Watupro is now qTranslate compatible so you can easily have multi-language quizzes.

Changes in Version 4.2

  1. Rounding the points to the closest decimal is now possible on questions. This comes to solve problems when you have for example 3 correct answers on a question and want the total to make 1 point.
  2. Option to restrict number of quiz submissions by IP address. This works both for logged in and not logged in users and will take effect before the user-based restriction.
  3. “Compact format” option is available on most question types. Answers will be aligned horizontally, right from the question, instead of vertically under it.
  4. The free PDF-Bridge plugin can be used to generate PDF certificates instead of DocRaptor. It still has some limitations.
  5. You can now use rich text editor to easily add images and media to the answers of each question.
  6. “Reuse questions from” now allows you to select multiple quizzes at the same time (Intelligence module
  7. You can request a non-logged in user to enter name and email before the quiz starts (or before it’s submitted). Learn how.
  8. User profile shortcodes. More information here.
  9. Different email content to user and admin can be specified by using the {{{split}}} tag.
  10. Calculate grade by % correct answers is moved to the basic WatuPRO version
  11. A free Woocommerce bridge is available which lets you sell access to paid quizzes through Woocommerce (WatuPRO Intelligence module required)
  12. Advanced settings option to reveal the correct answers on wrongly answered “Fill the gaps” fields (Intelligence module)
  13. Advanced settings option to specify the exact order of categories when questions are grouped by category (Intelligence module)
  14. Advanced setting option: require confirmation when the submit button is pressed (to avoid accident submitting of the quiz) (Intelligence module)
  15. Exams that require payment can be purchased with points earned from other exams. This is of course an option that you can enable. You can specify how many points make 1 unit of your currency. (Intelligence module and Play plugin required)
  16. Improved the proficiency calculation by category on Skills/Categories page (Reporting module)
  17. A new pie chart showing the results distribution by grade (Reporting module)
  18. The History tab of the reporting module now shows also the quiz that was taken
  19. Bug fix: “Schedule from/to” finally considers your timezone settings
  20. Fixed bug with incorrectly calculating “max-points” on “Fill the gaps” questions

Changes in Version 4.1

  1. New powerful feature – question hints. They are optional, you can enable multiple hints for every question, and specify how many hints the user is allowed to see total in the quiz and per question.
  2. New detailed report showing a list of all answers on a question (Reporting module).
  3. You can now add a custom “Start” button on each quiz which will hide the quiz content until the button is clicked (works both on timed and non-timed quizzes). More info here.
  4. Improved interface on “Copy questions” page lets you see them grouped by category.
  5. Option to cleanup all taking data on specific exam.
  6. Added visible Paypal error log for seeing payment errors (Intelligence module).
  7. Multiuser management is now available in the Intelligence module (there is a link on the WatuPRO Settings page, right under Role management).
  8. PDF certificates can be generated through DocRaptor.
  9. Custom roles can also be selected to manage exams.
  10. The text “Question 1 of X” is not shown when the quiz has only 1 question.
  11. Added a second import method to solve problems that some customers have with importing questions with foreign characters.
  12. You can choose to add the new question in the beginning instead of at the end of the quiz.
  13. Improved performance and fixed small bug with backslashes on “Stats per questions” page (Reporting module).
  14. Improved the way “Fill the gaps” question look when submitted (Intelligence module).
  15. Added link to view / print certificate from the “users who earned it” page.
  16. Automatically redirecting non logged in users to login page when trying to view certificates.
  17. Added required question warning when quiz is paginated one page per question category.
  18. Fixed bug with category grades showing in the “re-submitting is allowed only if” section.
  19. Fixed bug with importing multiple categories when you import XLS file with new question categories.

Changes in Version 4.0

New features and improvements:

  1. Filter quizzes by category and title.
  2. You can now create personality quizzes with the Intelligence module (points, correct answers etc calculations can still be used in personality quizzes if you wish).
  3. Added tags to questions for management purposes. You can filter questions by tags.
  4. Certificates now can require admin approval.
  5. Open end questions have different modes of matching (learn more).
  6. Select which questions and grades to copy when copying a quiz.
  7. Added again the optional quiz description field. When filled it will be shown before the quiz. It can also optionally be shown on the “final screen” and in certificates.
  8. Improved questions export/import will not support the additional question properties. The old simpler CSV formats will still be supported.
  9. You can now choose between large box, medium box, or single-line text field for open-end questions.
  10. You can exclude questions from displaying on the final screen (when %%ANSWERS%% variable is used). Often useful for survey questions.

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  1. Removed the redundant “Answer display” section. Please use only the %%ANSWERS%% variable for this purpose.
  2. The category and “my exams” shortcodes can be restricted to show exams from one or more categories.
  3. Fixed bug with missing submit button when the quiz is paginated 1 page per question category but there are no question categories.
  4. Fixed problem with importing question when other plugins catch the improt data (weird edge case).
  5. Fixed problems with complex answer feedback in Practice mode exams (Intelligence module).
  6. Fixed problem with rounding points when admin edits user results (Intelligence module).
  7. Fixed problem with rounding points when copying exams.
  8. Fixed problem with %%MAX-POINTS%% variable (negative points were being added).
  9. Fixed missing “Answering this question will be considered CORRECT when:” setting when copying exam.
  10. Fixed time limit exceeded bug.
  11. Fixed but with Advanced Settings -> Select number of random questions by category. The bug was visible when the quiz was reusing questions from another quiz.

Changes in Version 3.9

New and improved features:

  1. Advanced configutration for power users (Intelligence module): a new “Advanced” link into the Edit Exam form takes you to additional form which lets you fine-tune the quiz further: tune correct/incorrect checkmarks at the final screen, randomize different number of questions in different categories, control the paginator colors and so on.
  2. Optional shareable URL of the quiz results (the “FInal screen”) so users can share their results on Facebook and other social networks. (More info)
  3. Survey questions – these are not counted in results and reports and not marked as correct or incorrect.
  4. Elaborated answer explanation / feedback – you can now show different content if the user answered correctly or not, or even show different feedback based on every single answer they have selected.
  5. Optional “Save” button for logged in users (except on “one page per question” quizzes where saving is automatically enabled).
  6. Set friendlier email sender name for automated emails without installing more plugins.
  7. Filter exam results by user group.
  8. Added new filters for easier customization (check the API)

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed paginator issues
  2. Fixed timer and paginator overlap on some screens
  3. Improved animated scrolling on next/prev button so it happens only when necessary
  4. Fixed issue with sortable questions on mobile devices (Intelligence module)
  5. fixed problem with apostrophes on “Fill the gaps” questions (Intelligence module)
  6. Fixed problem with missing answers when a question is edited and at the same time there is an user returning to finish a quiz
  7. Fixed bug with category grade description
  8. Fixed bug with sortable questions when the quiz reuses them from other quiz
  9. Fixed problem with login URLs on some installations

What’s New In Version 3.8

  1. Numbered paginator is available on tests that are displayed one question per page
  2. Stripe integration for paymens (Intelligence module)
  3. Deactivating a question
  4. Mass delete questions
  5. Option to allow maximum number selections on multiple-select questions
  6. Added payment records page for paid exams along with ability to manually add or remove payments
  7. %%EMAIL%% and %%DATE%% variables in the final screen
  8. %%MAX-POINTS%% variable to show the maximum points the user could collect on this quiz
  9. Indexed the user answers tables for faster queries
  10. Shortcodes are available for the reporting module pages as well (Reporting module)
  11. The exam action buttons are now in table to avoid formatting issues with some themes
  12. Fixed bug – missing question properties when copying an exam
  13. Code cleanup and removing some obsolete files

What’s New In Version 3.7

  1. Exams pagination and sorting
  2. Fixed issue with the timer on non-paginated tests
  3. Conditionally load the scripts and CSS to avoid loading them on pages where you don’t have exams.
  4. Fixed import/export issues
  5. Dependencies can work with % correct answers (Intelligence module)
  6. Re-take exam only when some grades (results) are achieved (a new option)
  7. Allow multiple correct answers in “Fill the gaps” questions (Intelligence module)
  8. Certificates are now shown on the front-end. This avoids issues with some plugins and configurations where the student is not allowed to reach the dashboard.
  9. Exams can be published in custom post types
  10. “Sort the values” question type (Intelligence module)
  11. Changed the Paypal headers in the IPN script, as required by latest Paypal announcement

What’s New In Version 3.6

  1. Resolved conflicts with all known membership plugins
  2. “Show results” button can be always visible on “one question per page” quizzes, but warns about premature submitting. Useful for long quizzes.
  3. Schedule exam (makes it available only in selected date ranges)
  4. All user roles can now use the exams. The limitation to Student role caused far more issues than benefits so we decided to drop it altogether. You can still manage which roles have access to manage the tests.
  5. You can now use WordPress User Roles instead of User Groups to avoid redundancy, and for better integration with membership plugins.
    – Navigation improvements
  6. Filter test results by user role
  7. Started developers API (see the previous post for more information)

What’s New In Version 3.5

  1. Improved import/export that will let you copy exams to different blogs
  2. Show answers immediately – this button can be activated for tests that are paginated one question per page.
  3. Shortcode for a basic leaderboard of best performing users
  4. Grade on a category level. Now you can grade the users and display their performance for each question category.
  5. Resolved conflict with Paid Membership PRO so finally you can use this plugin with WatuPRO.

What’s New In Version 3.4

  1. Email shows in taking details for everyone who provided it (logged in or not)
  2. Cumulative per-question stats (in Reporting module) which make WautPRO even more suitable for surveys
  3. Improvements to how the timer works
  4. Description for a question category (optional). If you enter it, the description will be displayed when the test questions are grouped and paginated by category.
  5. More flexible control over the calculation logic of correct/incorrect questions (for multiple-choices and “fill the gaps” questions). You can now decide whether all answers should be correct or only one, to consider the whole question correctly answered.
  6. Practice mode now respects the selections you make about ordering and grouping questions (it used to just randomize them)
  7. Manually edit/grade already taken exam (available in Intelligence module). You will be able to change the results and the grade, percentage and possible certificate assignment will be recalculated. Email can be sent to the user with the new details.

What’s New In Version 3.3

  1. Admin can now see the student’s dashboard along with their exams and reports (in Reporting module).
  2. You can filter questions by category when managing them.
  3. A new page to manage existing question categories.
  4. Other WordPress user roles (Editor, Author, Contributor) can also be enabled to manage exams
  5. New shortcode for displaying user’s answers on the final screen page.
  6. Optionally set custom email content that differs from the final screen
  7. Improved localization support, code reliability and quality.

What’s New In Version 3.2

  1. Shortcode for showing only unresolved questions on the results screen. This is useful if you want to show the users which questions they didn’t answer correctly but without revealing the correct answers to them.
  2. Pull a number of random questions per category. Now the old randomization feature lets you spread the number of questions equally per question category.
  3. Option to send email with user results to the quiz taker even when they are not registered.
  4. Paginate per category – show questions from each category on their own page.
  5. Minified javascript for faster loading.
  6. You can now use decimals in points.
  7. Randomize questions but don’t randomize answers to them (option)
  8. Reuse questions from another exam on the fly – Intelligence module only

What’s New In Version 3.1

  1. Modules compatibility and upload interface. Now additional modules can be added to the plugin at any time.
  2. Shortcodes to display “My exams” and “My certificates” outside of the wp-admin area.
  3. Help page added (to be expanded)
  4. Set minimum time limit between different attempt for a given exam – Intelligence module only.

What’s New In Version 3.0

  1. WordPress shortcodes to display all exams or exam of selected category in any post or page
  2. “My certificates” page for the user so they can access their certificates any time
  3. The blog administrator also has “My exams” page for easier testing
  4. Previous button is now optional, configurable for every test
  5. Grade title and description can be included separately on the final screen
  6. The usual portion of bug fixes and localization improvements

What’s New In Version 2.8

  1. Fixed problem with required questions in single page exams
  2. Added previous button on paginated exams
  3. Added detailed export of taken exams data
  4. Optional reCaptcha for submitting exam
  5. Option to redirect to URL instead of showing a grade
  6. Added settings link in Plugins page
  7. Grades can be calculated as % correct answers (Intelligence module)

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