WatuPRO Community Translations

Thanks to some of our customers we are starting a page with community translations for WatuPRO. If you have translated the plugin and want to share your work with the others, please let us know on info@calendarscripts.info!

German Translation

Thanks to Peter Baumgartner we have German translations for WatuPRO, WatuPRO Play and the free Watu:

Mr. Baumgartner has also translated Namaste! LMS. Links to his translations can be found at the bottom of Namaste! Help page.

Dutch Translation

This Dutch Translation is provided by Kobes at GitHub.
Link to translation: https://github.com/Kobes/watu_pro_i18n

Newer Dutch translation actual to WatuPRO 4.8 is available here:  .po / .mo
These are kindly provided by Kies GOED! Academy

All translations are provided by “as is” basis and we can’t guarantee they will be always up to date with the most recent plugin version. Still they can save you a lot of time so use them and contribute to them if you can.

French Translation

The following French translation is provided by wordpress-pour-vous.com and is actual to 5.7.6. Download po / mo

The following French translation actual to is provided by Fred: watupro-fr_FR (it’s a .pot file, create your .po/.mo with Poedit)

Hebrew Translation

The following Hebrew translation actual is provided by mikycomputers.com: .po / .mo