WatuPRO Demo Quiz

This is a demo of WatuPRO.

This demo quiz is open for everyone, no registration required. Three random questions are pulled each time, out of a pool of 5 questions.

This same quiz can be presented in completely different way, as shown in this example.

1. A picture based question. Yes, you can upload pictures without any issues. What's this:

Red-eyed Treefrog, Agalychnis callidryas(We used Flickr embed code here but you can also upload local photos)

Question 1 of 3

2. Test question one. This is a single-answer question. This means, only one answer can be selected.

You can of course add some rich HTML content to the question.

And this is done simply by using the WordPress rich text editor.

Question 2 of 3

3. Select all that are correct:

Question 3 of 3


112 thoughts on “WatuPRO Demo Quiz

  1. davefromcamp

    exactly! This is what is missing from your plugin. If you don’t need to socially share this is the best quiz plugin.

  2. davefromcamp

    Thank you for the responses, good service -again a reason I should be using your plugin. Let me know if this gets implemented I’ll be first in line

  3. John Thomas

    thank you very much now i can build out my site. I will purchasing watupro soon so that i can help more kids. thanks again. your a godsend.

  4. satheesh

    If some internet problems or logged in user directly close the browser without ‘submit exam’. In such conditions what about that exam? Is the answered question was stored and resume onwards when user logged in again?

  5. prasunsen

    It is available in the $47 version, and all the other versions because they include the $47 one.

  6. satheesh

    I downloaded this plugin but the answered question by logged in user was not stored when user left site before submit quiz and not resume onwards when user login again.

  7. prasunsen

    This function is available only in the pro version.
    If you are talking about the pro version please contact support by email.

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