WatuPRO Integration for qTranslate X

The following integration will allow you to use WatuPRO in multi-lingual site supported bythe qTranslate X plugin.

The integration requires min. WatuPRO 4.9.7.

Update: from WatuPRO you no longer need to install the additional plugin. The integration is built-in.

Because the integration is now built-in consider the below plugin obsolete.

Download the integration here: watupro-qtranslate-x (versionĀ  0.4)

Or at Github: https://github.com/pimteam/Watupro-qTranslate-X

Note that this is work in progress. We can’t guarantee that all fields and text you may want to have multi-lingual are done. But if you use the integration and notice a problem or missing important field, just let us know and we’ll probably add it.