Low Memory Mode in WatuPRO

Plugin version required: or newer.

This feature is built to help users who have too many quizzes and questions to still be able to use the quiz plugin WatuPRO on affordable shared hosts. You can’t expect wonders from shared hosting services and if you have many huge quizzes you may need to move to a VPS. But before this you can enable the “low memory mode” feature to reduce the resource usage at the cost of sacrificing a couple of small features.

How To Enable It

Go to WatuPRO Settings page and check the checbox saying “Enable low memory mode to reduce the server resources usage”.

What Does it Do

For the moment this mode reduces the server load on your Manage Quizzes and Manage Questions pages:

  • On Manage Quizzes page it hides the column “No. questions” and the number of users who took the quiz.
  • On Manage Questions page it hides the number of answers to a question.

For the moment these are the only changes applied by the low memory mode. As soon as we see pain points for users with high number of quizzes and questions we will add more optimizations.

The low memory mode can of course be used even if you already have a VPS or dedicated server to reduce the server resources usage.