Quizzes Published in Custom Fields

By default the quiz plugin WatuPRO expects that you’ll publish the quiz shortcode in the post / page main contents area. When this is done it automatically detects the URL of the published quizzes and hyperlinks the quiz in your administration “Quizzes” page. It also uses this detection to determine when exams are published and to show only published tests in “My quizzes” page, and the Tests, Skills and History pages of the Reporting module.

Some customers however need to publish their quizzes in custom fields or other non-standard way (for example via do_shortcode() call in their theme). From version 4.5.8 WatuPRO has a solution for this:

field to mark quiz as published in non-standard way

This checkbox and field is visible on the Name & Description tab in your Add / Edit quiz page. Once you select the checkbox and set the URL you can have all these quizzes treated as published and automatically hyperlinked from all the corresponding pages.