WatuPRO Simple Designer Plugin

This is a small free add-on for our quiz plugin WatuPRO that lets you redesign the way some questions work.

The result is very effective as you can see on this version of our open demo quiz. Instead of selecting radio buttons and checkboxes users will click on the answers directly. And depending on what you select in the settings of the new plugin the correct/incorrect check-mark can be displayed immediately.

Download WatuPRO Simple Designer:

Download version 1.0

Please note this plugin requires that you have WatuPRO. It won’t do anything without it.

How To Use It:

Once installed and activated, a new link will appear under your WatuPRO menu:


Click on it and you’ll be taken to the plugin settings page. Choose colors there, define whether the result should be shown immediately (note: means more Ajax requests to your server), and select which quizzes you want this design applied to:


That’s it. Once set up, you’ll see the changes.

Category Tabs

From version 0.7 this plugin adds one more enhancement. For quizzes paginated “one page per question category” you will be able to use nice shortcodes for category tabs. See the “Simple Designer” page in your WatuPRO menu (after installing version 0.7) for more info.