WatuPRO Bridge to myCRED

There is excellent free plugin for managing points called myCRED. It lets you reward users for activities on your site, and a lot more.

Now there is a bridge between myCRED and WatuPRO and you can download it for free:

WatuPRO to MyCRED Bridge (3.9KB)

Once activated look for “Bridge to myCRED” in the WatuPRO menu.

What Does It Do?

It’s pretty simple. When logged in user submits a quiz, the plugin will transfer the collected points to the selected myCRED points balance. You also have the options to transfer only positive or only negative points:



[WatuPRO + Intelligence Module] Paid Quiz Bundles

From version 4.5.7 the Intelligence module of WatuPRO provides a feature that lets you sell access to bundles of paid quizzes.

How It Works

On your WatuPRO Settings at the bottom of the Payment Settings section you will see a new link “Create payment buttons for selling bundles of quizzes”. It takes you to a page to manage your paid quiz bundles. You can add any number of bundles:


Each bundle can provide access either to a whole quiz category or to a selection of specific quizzes, regardless the category.

It’s a good idea to provide redirect URL so when the users pays for a bundle they are directly taken to the first quiz in it, or to a page with links to all quizzes (or anything else you wish).

The bundle buttons must be manually published on a page or post using the shortcodes that will be shown to you once you create the bundle. This lets you publish payment buttons for the different payment methods you accept and make your sales pages in any way you wish.


There are two important aspects about the payment bundles:

  • They will ignore the setting “Mark payment as used after each quiz attempt (so if multiple attempts are allowed the user will have to pay each time).” if you have selected it. A bundle once paid, will always give access to the quizzes in the bundle.
  • Changes to bundle will reflect users who purchased it. For example if you add new quizzes to the bundle, or to the category that the bundle includes, users who bought the bundle will also get access to these quizzes.

Your feedback is most welcome.

[WatuPRO] Quiz Not Showing in “My Quizzes” Page or Reports?

Only quizzes that are published will be shown in “My Quizzes” page and the tabs from the Reporting module – for example the History tab.

What means a published quiz? This is a quiz whose shortcode is placed inside the content of a post, page, or custom post type. If you place the shortcode in some widget, custom field, via do_shortcode() call in your theme, or some other odd way, the system will not recognize the quiz as published and it will not be shown in these pages.

A very easy way to know if a quiz is published or not is by looking at your Quizzes page in admin (the first page when you click on WatuPRO menu). If the quiz title is not clickable, this means it’s not recognized as published.