Namaste! PRO v. 1.3

We have just released version 1.3 of the Pro addon to Namaste! LMS. Here are the new things since version 1.2:

  • Added leaderboard generator for leaderboards by points, grades, num. completed assignments, num. completed lessons, and num. completed courses.
  • Added new criteria for the leaderboards: limit to users who belong to a selected group / class.
  • Added option to automatically replace your theme default next / previous links on lesson pages (thus no need to use the next / prev shortcodes).
  • Enabled simple shopping cart for buying access to premium courses and classes .
  • Implemented the Paypal PDT option for paid class signups.
  • Coupon codes can now be restricted to specific class or course.
  • When a course is added in a class / group even teachers will be restricted from viewing its lessons unless the course belongs to their classes.
  • Added class filter on the gradebook so when non-administrator is assigned a class manager role they’ll see only students in their class.
  • The views / templates can be customized the same way as in the free Namaste! LMS plugin.
  • Built-in integration with WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart. You can  get shortcodes for all your courses and classes from the internal Help page.
  • Fixed bug: class permissions of teachers were not applied to Protected files.
  • Fixed bug: when there were multiple class sign-up buttons on the page it was enough to click one of them to sign up for all classes.

The upgrade will be sent to eligible customers. If your free upgrades subscription has expired, you will be sent 60% discount code for optional renewal.

WatuPRO 5.3

WatuPRO version 5.3 is out with a new set of improvements and bug fixes:

  • A new page will give you the submissions on all quizzes in chronological order.
  • A new field for internal comments to the quiz is added, so admin / staff can add notes to each quiz. The notes will then be shown on the admin Quizzes page under the title.
  • You can now specify spacing between questions and between question and its answers from the WatuPRO Settings page, without writing any CSS. More design configurations like this are coming soon.
  • A new “completion criteria” feature on the Advanced Settings tab of the Edit Quiz page lets you define which grades will mark the quiz as “completed” on the user’s dashboard.
  • The shortcode [watupro-result] now can print the whole “final screen” from given quiz taking by passing “details” to the “what” parameter (see the internal WatuPRO Help page for more details).
  • Added variable %%POINTS-ROUNDED%% to show the points collected on a quiz rounded without decimals.
  • Added variables %%START-TIME%% and %%END-TIME%% to be used for the time when quiz was started and completed.
  • You can optionally collect the source URL where the quiz is taken and filter by this data in the “View results” page. This could be useful if you are publishing the same quiz on multiple pages on your site.
  • Implemented reCaptcha v 2 (“No Captcha reCaptcha”).
  • Added option to select what number of quizzes and questions to manage per page.
  • Added 3 new color schemes for quiz designs.
  • [Intelligence module] In case of a tie on the top personality types, the personality quizzes will now display all matching ones.
  • [Intelligence module] ”Treat this question” as a whole option added to multiple-choice questions.
  • [Intelligence module] Coupon codes can now be limited to a selected quiz and have an expiration date.
  • [Intelligence module] Coupon codes will now work for non logged in users too.
  • [Intelligence module] You can now set text to be displayed at the final screen in case of premature quiz ending (See Intelligence module settings tab in Edit Quiz page).
  • [Reporting module] Stats per question page & shortcode now support date interval filter.
  • Fixed bug in the questions import, WatuPRO advanced format (answers were not properly importing after adding two fields to the export file).
  • Fixed UI issues with the “See answer” buttons when “Answer to each question can be seen immediately” is selected.
  • Fixed bug: the “stats per category” in Reporting module did not work correctly when the quiz reused questions from several quizzes.
  • Fixed bug: when copying questions in existing quiz the question were not placed after the original questions of the quiz, but inserted between them.

As always, the updated version is sent out via newsletter to eligible customers. If you did not receive your newsletter, feel free to contact us.

Arigato PRO: Adding Email to Existing Sequential Auto-Responder

What happens with existing members when you add a new email to a sequential autoresponder series in Arigato PRO?

The answer is simple: the email will be sent only to the users who are registered exactly X days ago (and will of course be sent in the future to the other new or existing members when the right day for them comes). It’s important to know that emails will never be sent on wrong dates, i.e. if existing member is registered more than X days ago, they will not get this newly added email. Here is an example to make things easier to follow:

If you add “1 day after registration” email on Oct 29, on the same day it will be sent to existing members registered on Oct 28 (provided that your cron job runs after adding the email). On Oct 30 it will be sent to members registered on Oct 29 etc. Such email will never be sent to members registered on Oct 27 or any earlier date. This is very logical and it is the way it should be.

If you want to send email to older members, you can send them a newsletter.