Flashcard Questions in WatuPRO

A new WatuPRO feature from version 5.7.6 allows you to create flashcard questions.

What is it?

In essence flashcard questions are multiple-choice questions presented as flashcards. Each flashcard has two sides that are supposed to match. But since this is a quiz you will probably want to make some wrong flashcards so the quiz taker should show which are correct and which are wrong. If a flashcard’s back side correctly matches the front side, the respondent should leave the card flipped on the back side. If the match is not correct, the respondent should click again to unflip the flashcard.

You can see an example of such quiz at the end of this post.

How to set it up?

Flashcards are just multiple-choices questions where each answer is a flashcard – either correct or a wrong one. So you first need to create a multiple choices question:

Then select that the question will use flashcards:

Note that you can’t use the checkbox groups feature together with flashcards so one of the options will always be automatically unchecked.

Then for each answer of the question you enter the two sides of the flashcard, separated by = (obviously the front or back cannot contain = sign). Here’s an example of a question that matches countries to cities:

Some flashcards match correctly while others do not. This is exactly the same logic of the usual “Multiple-choices / checkbox” questions.

An Example

Here’s an example quiz to see how this works:

1. Countries / Cities
2. Countries / Continents
South America


[WatuPRO Intelligence Module] Troubleshooting Paid Quizzes

When you set up a price for a quiz it automatically becomes a paid quiz and cannot be accessed before a payment is processed. Once the user pays for a quiz they will immediately gain access to the quiz.

What to do if this does not happen:

Check for Payment Errors

Go to WatuPRO Settings page, scroll to the Payment Options section and check fot the “View payment errors log” link under the Other payment instructions box:

You’ll see what caused the error there. Very often errors happen when you use Paypal IPN. Most users should not use Paypal IPN but use Paypal PDF mode instead.

No Payment Errors?

If there are no payment errors you may want to double check if the specific user has paid for the quiz. Go to WatuPRO Quizzes -> View Results page. On the paid quizzes you will see a “View payments” link within the top links. There you can check for that specific payment and even add it manually if needed.

If the payment is there and the user still cannot access the quiz, the problem is usually caused by a caching plugin. You should not cache the dynamic quiz pages, ever. Disable whatever caching system you are using on these pages and things will work fine.

If the problem is neither of these feel free to contact us. Make sure you provide us URL and login so we can check your problem.


WatuPRO Bridge to Ontraport

Similar to our other free bridge, this connector to Ontraport lets you automatically subscribe users who take quizzes into your campaigns.

Download Version 0.3 (28 KB)

To use the bridge you will need to create an app in Ontraport and get its APP ID and API Key.

Insert your key and define rules as you like:

If you’d rather not pay monthly fees and leave your mailing list data in someone else’s hand, we recommend you our premium WordPress Autoresponder / Drip marketing suite. It comes with one-time fee and optional yearly upgrade fees, and there is also free bridge for connecting WatuPRO.