Monthly Archives: October 2010

BFT Light 1.2

There was a strange error in activating BFT Lite in WordPress versions 3.01 and up. I have fixed it now, so please go ahead and donwload the latest version, or install it directly from the WordPress repository.

Watu Exam Version 1.5

There is a major update in Watu Exam allowing exam takers (students) to log in and see the results of their exams, and also see any other available exams that are there to take. They also can take again those exams that allow to be taken again.

This move is a preparation for the future versions of Watu Plus which will be a more complete solution for exams, quizzes and tests. It’s a good idea to purchase Watu Exam now because there will be special discounts for existing customers when the big software is released.