Monthly Archives: April 2011

Watu Exam 2.1

What’s new:

– Limit exam by date range (option). If you select such date range, the exam/test will be accessible and displayed in students control panel only within the range
– Copy exam. A lot of users wanted to be able to copy existing exam into new one. Now this is possible.

As usual existing customers can contact me for the upgrade. It’s either free or 50% of the regular price depending on when was your original purchase.

BroadFast Autoresponder 2.7

We’ve made an important internal change in this version of our autoresponder software. While there are no visible changes, the way newsletters are scheduled is changed. This should allow scheduling a newsletter to very large mailing lists even on slow hosts. Until now the software scheduled all these emails in the DB, but when some people had lists of 100,000 subscribers this meant 100,000 DB queries. On slow shared hosts this often caused problems.

Now the new version runs one query for the newsletter regardless of your list size. While managing such large lists on shared hosts is asking for trouble, I wanted to make sure our software handles it.

If you have purchased less than an year ago you can contact me to get the upgrade for free. Otherwise upgrades are 50% of the regular price as usual.