Monthly Archives: October 2011

Watu Exam 2.2 and Watu Plus 1.1

Both versions of our exam software has been updated. Watu Exam is now in version 2.2 and Watu Plus – 1.1.

Here are the updates for both:

  • Question categories. Now you can categorize individual questions (for example Algebra, Geometry etc). You can choose to have the questions then grouped by category when presented to the students.
  • MySQLi implemented for compatibility with future PHP versions (tech stuff)
  • Improved installation procedure. Now it’s all through the browser, just like WordPress.
The following is new feature available only in Watu Plus:
  • Optional explanation of the correct answer. This will be available when you choose “Show also the best/correct answer to every question” option in “Format of the results” section for the exam. It allows you to explain the student why the best answer is best and why the other choices aren’t as good. You can then decide to show this explanation only when the student does not give the right answer, or display it always.


As usual upgrades cost just 50% of the regular price of each software and customers who have bought their software less than 1 year ago get upgrades for free (just contact me at

Watu Quiz 1.4

Watu Quiz is finally updated to version 1.4. Here is what’s new:

1. Improved UI

2. List of user’s results is now available for every quiz. So you can see how many people took the quizzes and what were their results.

3. MySQLi implemented in order to ensure compatibility with future PHP versions

BroadFast Newsletter 1.9

BroadFast has been updated to version 1.9. Here is what’s new:

1. Easy registration code copy. Now it’s easy to just embed the newsletter registration form in your site or blog.

2. Language file which allows easy translation of the interface in your language

3. PHP  MySQLi extension applied to ensure your script will work with the future version of PHP

4. Improved installation procedure.

Existing customers with others less than 1 years old may contact us for free upgrades. If your order is more than 1 year old you can still get 50% discount of the price.