Monthly Archives: May 2012

MicroCal Back To Life

Microcal was one of the very first scripts I ever shared with the public. It was even commercial back in 2004 (I don’t remember the price but I think it was $5). I doubt I have sold more than 3-4 of it before I decided to give it out for free. Now, nearly 8 years later it still has several hundred downloads every month.

Just today I managed to check it and figured out how outdated the code was and how many PHP notices it produced. So here we are, fixed some bugs, improved the code a little bit and MicroCal is again usable in version 1.2 – also available as Google Code repository.

My plan is to revive it a little bit in the next versions, add some better options for including in forms, make it call-able through ajax and will see what else. Unlike the popular calendar plugins for jQuery it doesn’t add much Javascript overload so it has some potential. Let me know if you have any feature requests about it.

Eventy 1.8, Eventy Plus 1.2

The latest update to Eventy & Eventy Plus:

  • Improved design of the event pop-up (using lightbox_me)
  • A link to share any event

Additional feature in Eventy Plus:

  • Event categories. You can now categorize the events for your own use and optionally display this information to the visitors. Again optionally you can let them filter events by category.

Upgrade terms are as usual – free if you bought less than 1 year ago, and 50% discount if your purchase is older. Upgrading starts another 1 year cycle of free upgrades and free support.


Watu PRO Version 1.1

Of course we listed to feedback and I hear you. So here’s the first upgrade to WatuPRO:

1. The questions are now numbered and you’ll see “Question 2 of 15” etc so you know better how much is left to take the exam.

2. You can configure what to display when every exam is taken – the result text only or to include the questions along with the answers and marks for correct/incorrect one.

3. Logged in users can continue taking the exam even if closing the browser, on another day, or even year. This feature is disabled for time-limited exams to avoid cheating.

Old customers bought WatuPRO this year are eligible for free upgrade. Please just mail me and let me know to send you the zip. Please do read this before upgrading.