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[Arigato PRO] The {{url}} Variable

Most configurable emails in BroadFast for WordPress allow using the {{url}} variable. It gets contextually replaced by URL toi subscribe, unsubscribe etc (as appropriate).

Please note that the variable will not automatically be replaced with a HTML hyperlink. It will be replaced with URL only. If you want to explicitly make it clickable HTML hyperlink you can do this with the rich text editor or if you prefer the Text mode, just write:

<a href=”{{url}}”>{{url}}</a>

The idea is to let you use free text, for example:

<a href=”{{url}}”>Click here!</a>

Of course if you are sending plain text emails it’s best to leave it as URL only. Most modern email programs will make it clickable anyway.

Adding images in match/matrix answers

The answers area of the match / matrix questions in WatuPRO does not use the rich text editor. There is just no space to put it there because there are two boxes for each answer. The rich text editor will make the UI there bad.

But you can still add images there by entering HTML code. The easiest way to do so is this:

  • Scroll down just a bit to see the “Optional Answer Explanation” box
  • Click on its “Add Media” button
  • Locate or upload your image
  • Get its URL from the “Attachment Details” sidebar which appears when the image is clicked
  • Copy the URL
  • Enter <img src=”URL HERE”> in the answer box and paste your URL in place of “URL HERE” words.
  • That’s it.