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BroadFast for WordPress 2.4 and Intelligence Module 1.0

The latest version of our drip marketing plugin for WordPress is online. Here are the new and improved features from version 2.3:

  • Added free WooCommerce bridge which lets you sell access to mailing lists or just automatically subscribe users who buy other products from you.
  • Added raw email log showing you every sent email along with error or success status
  • Option to automatically cleanup the raw email log and the cron job log after number of days
  • Option to send test email from autoresponder messages and newsletters
  • Sending “global” newsletter allows you to send a news blast to all your mailing lists at once. Such newsletter will avoid duplicate sending to the same email address even if it is subscribed in several of your mailing lists
  • Added built-in JetPack contact form integration
  • New shortcode bftpro-other-lists list_id=X lets you display checkboxes for subscribing to other lists along with a selected mailing list subscribe form. The difference between this and the generic form code bftpro is that you can collect custom fields data for your primary list and satisfy its redirection settings.
  • Improvement on the autoresponder campaign reports now let you see which emails were been sent and read in a given period of time.
  • Added file upload custom field type
  • Ignore duplicates when importing subscribers
  • Option to never send this newsletter to use who already received it (even if this happened in another mailing list)
  • Added

    Please check all the lists that you wish to unsubscribe from and then submit the form.

    You will be unsubscribed from the following lists:
    • Default

    shortcode that lets you publish the unsubscribe form in a chosen by you post or page. The system will automatically recognize it and redirect unsubsribers to the page.
  • It is now configurable whether you want unsubscribed user data to be kept in the mailing lists or removed
  • Added option to change the default Contact Form 7 field names in the Contact Form 7 integration
  • [Intelligence module] Detailed report shows who clicked on trackable links
  • [Intelligence module] Option to automatically convert URLs inside any message into trackable links
  • [Intelligence module] Added option to receive preview email with a digest when saving it
  • Doing e-learning? Check our bridge for Namaste! LMS.
  • Fixed various problems with email headers

Customers who are eligible for free upgrade are already receiving the newsletter.

Internal Server Error on PHP Scripts

Sometimes when trying to run or install a PHP script you’ll see a screen with heading “Internal Server Error”. People usually rush to contact the script developer but this is the worst thing to do. Internal Server Error means server misconfiguration and the developer is unlikely to be able to help you.

Here is what to do:

1. Check file permissions. InĀ  more than 90% of the cases the error is caused by wrong permissions on the uploaded file.

2. Check your server error log. Poorly configured servers will often output Internal server error when there is fatal PHP error for some reason. Fortunately these errors are recorded in the server error log. Even if you don’t know what the errors mean you’ll have some useful information to send to the script developer instead of asking them to guess out the reason for the Internal server error.

3. Contact your hosting support. You should contact your hosting support before contacting the software developer. They are responsible for your server setup and you are paying them every month to keep things running smooth.

WatuPRO 4.7 – Likert Scale Maker, Progress Bar, Design Themes, and More

The latest version of our WordPress quiz maker WatuPRO is now online:

  1. Added quiz design themes. More information here.
  2. New free addon: Likert Scale Survey Maker. Information and free download at this page.
  3. Added option to delete all quiz results of a selected user
  4. Added option to automatically delete user quiz data when the user account is deleted from admin
  5. Added option to keep each certificate from multiple quiz attempts from the same user on the same quiz
  6. Added %%CONTACT%% variable to display the extra contact fields (company and phone) in the “Final page” and the email sent to user. Available are also variables for the individual contact fields that can be used there and in the certificates.
  7. Added progress bar option for all paginated quizzes.
  8. User’s feedback on questions can now be seen in structured way. Just follow the link “Feedback on questions” from the “View results” page on the quiz.
  9. Improved question category management screen + rich text editor for category descriptions
  10. Improved the indentation of multiple-line numbered questions
  11. Improved handling of multiple-line contents and HTML tags when exporting questions
  12. The social sharing options are now embedded in the plugin and you no longer need the social sharing addon. Added options to share by email, Google +, and LinkedIn.
  13. You can switch off the rich text editor from certificate editing to avoid your HTML being messed by it
  14. Question export CSVs now can be configured to use comma or tab. Default is comma.
  15. Added variable %%BETTER-THAN%% to show the user what % of users performed worse than them on the quiz.
  16. Low memory mode – learn more here.
  17. Survey questions no longer ignore the points assigned to their answers.
  18. [Intelligence module] A new advanced setting lets you configure “single choice” questions to automaitcally proceed or show the answer.
  19. [Intelligence module] Paypal payments now support sandbox mode and open CURL connection when such is available.
  20. [Reporting module] Fixed problem with the poll shortcode and multiple-answer questions
  21. Fixed problems with question hints on quizzes that reuse questions from other quizzes
  22. The shortcodes that list quizzes will also include quizzes published with the User Choice addon

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